Apolline d’Ash – Candeur EP (None)

Apolline d'Ash - Candeur EP

I can relate to the album art for Apolline d’Ash’s Candeur EP, since the last time I left the moon I ended up in Canada, too.

Artist: Apolline d’Ash
Title: Candeur EP
Label: None
Cat#: None
Keywords: Electronica, Electro, Chill-Out
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

It’s been a little bit since I last reviewed Apolline d’Ash’s Waiting EP. I was happy to have a chance to hear more from this artist.

Electric piano, whispering shakers, theremin-like backing harmony, a shuffling rhythm… ‘Candeur’ feels like the slow-motion movement of outer space. After a moment, sinking or falling into softness, this really beautiful bell sequence comes in, gradually growing louder. I love it! It begins to sound like a shallow stream, or a sink with water drips.

‘Vision’ starts off with very modular, plangy synthesizer sequences. There’s a lovely, subtle 808 pulse, then these wondrous synth horns come in! This is gorgeous, something to watch the stars to. The previous sounds become absent in a section of pure pad bliss. They return, and added is a nice, smooth bass synth.

Oh yeah. Get this one for sure:


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1 Response to Apolline d’Ash – Candeur EP (None)

  1. kainobuko says:

    listening to this in the morning is definiately a good start of the day. nice stuff!

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