Thoughts Of Melt – Thoughts Of Melt (NJMP3-0059)

Thoughts Of Melt - Thoughts Of Melt

Two lonesome, shadowy stickfigures stand each on their private islands at the edge of a deep blue expanse of sea for the album art for Thoughts Of Melt’s self-titled debut. It would be nice if that were all we needed in life: a beautiful place to be.

Artist: Thoughts Of Melt
Title: Thoughts Of Melt
Label: Noise-Joy
Cat#: NJMP3-0059
Keywords: Illbient, Techno, Downtempo
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

This is the last of the Thoughts Of Melt and related albums that I still possess. I had posted a very silly review of their only other work awhile back, which is a really solid ambient / reflective album titled Rootwalla And The Majestic Minstrel Guild Of Quadrant.IV (one of my personal favourites among our old catalog). I am missing only one, a solo project of Leon Campbell called The Endless Drones Of Burden, album title The Endless Drones Of Boredom — if anyone out there in cyberspace actually possesses a copy of that still, please send it to me! I’m doing my best to fill these gaps in our archive. Leon Campbell was also behind Gomae, who’s album Separated Differences I also reviewed previously as well. It is equally fantastic, another of my favourite Noise-Joy releases!

Since this is the last review I’ll be able to write, thus far, for any of these guys’ Noise-Joy work, I thought I’d tell a story about them. Something, hopefully, that will shed some light on them, on me, on us all… particularly since I’ve noticed the archive pages I’ve created for their work possess an unjustly low number of downloads in comparison to a lot of the other albums I’ve archived from others, and I’d really like it if they had more fans.

As you can see from the relatively low catalog number of this release, by Noise-Joy standards anyway, Thoughts Of Melt sent in their music pretty early on, actually within just two months of my having started the label. With many of the artists who appeared so quickly on our catalog (RedSK and Sascha Müller come to mind) I still have no idea what internet sorcery was used to find us! For the first few months our output was mostly… just me, and my girlfriend at the time, who eventually settled on the moniker Analogous Doom (what I later referred to as Anal Lingus Doom after we split up). With Thoughts Of Melt, this was not the case.

After I’d hosted some of her music, none of which I have anymore, Analogous Doom posted the N-J link one of her EPs on a message board on Legowelt’s website. It was shortly thereafter that I received this small album by a Vancouver-based duo dubbed Thoughts Of Melt. After its release, A.D. showed me that they had posted their link to the same message board asking for thoughts! It didn’t really receive much praise, but I personally loved it and was happy to have put it out. I don’t think A.D. liked them, as she had always been very arrogant and egoistic about herself in my opinion, which is probably why she fell in with the post-Techno elitists of that time period. I assume she felt Thoughts Of Melt were trying to ride on her coat-tails, or diminish her moment in the sun, or at least that’s how she acted, but it’s like… whatever. I’m probably talking too personally here! My feelings were very much involved in all of this, and a lot of things transpired back then, so please be warned to take anything I say with a grain of salt.

After the second ToM album, and two solo works, I began to intimate from conversations that neither one of the artists felt that they were really getting where or what they’d hoped from their music work. It sounded like they were giving up. Then, some time after the label imploded, I happened to notice one of the members attempting to erase their own existence on Discogs. :/


Other people’s legacies can sometimes collide with your own, and I see no reason to be hard-felt about it. It is difficult being one person championing something, completely alone. I’m sure the artists do not care any longer, there are very few people who even possess this music of theirs, but I believe in it still and wish for others to hear it and enjoy it. Despite my failings from the past years, that’s kind of what all these N-J reviews and subsequent archival attempts are about!

So, onto the subject, the music…

… the first track on this short, 4-track release, is titled ‘A Tree’s Breath’. It begins with a very rattly bass synth sequence. Some percussive noises come in, followed by what sounds like a melodic, dark ambient swan song. Clipped hats keep tempo.

Next up is the track ‘Orca’. A downtempo, somewhat swingy electro groove enters, along with the mystique of ambient fogs, mists, and a lovely low-attack synthesizer. So much happens here, in the pure-haze of this subtle mix. It’s a wonderful feeling that comes to you while listening, a cosmic love-feel tinged with regret and loneliness.

Then, ‘Im Not Austre, But Im Not Here’ feels darker. Rolling waves of synthetic sound. Bass, a dry xylophonic bell, digital noises, drone-bient tones. It feels almost like a soundtrack, possibly from a John Carpenter film.

‘Animafhot’ ends the album. Queasy, BoC-esque analog pads come in, with light touches of noise, just these beautiful harmonics and tape warmth juxtaposed with cold digitalism.

Very short and sweet, like the rest of their work. Definitely give a listen to this and their other music… I sincerely believe you will enjoy it. Until me meet again, dear readers!

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