Various Artists – Funderground vol.1

Artists: Various
title: Funderground  vol.1
cat: 4m@107
keywords: lobit, electronic, experimental,
label: 4m@ records

A long, long time ago there was something that occupied my full attention. It was this happening of a series of unstoppable floppy sized compilations that started out through a sublabel part of Proc Records and continued last year on the SPTotfSP floppy disk / netlabel. All parts of the series are completely packed with artists and a diversity of music, bringing hopefully back the ‘fun’ in the underground scene.  Last year lobit has been slumbering and my personal time was pretty occupied with basic surviving, which made my devotion to the lobit fetish a little bit more dusty than intended. This year one of my personal good will thoughts was to go back and dig up the love for lobit and give it a good scrub until it will rise and shine once again! A lot of buzzing is going on for the return of the Lobit radio show Tibol, and if all these people come together somehow, also magical airwaves things will happen bringing back the lobit family and their strange musical movement back to the earth surface. But for now, just to get a bit heated up and sniff some good old nostalgia, I think it’s time to enter the first compilation of the legendary ‘Funderground’ series… Will you join me? You don’t have to, but it’s highly recommended! Plus this whole compilation just takes a second to download, which makes this the ideal compilation for people that have no time to waste and want entertainment, right here and right about now!

The first ever artist that was featured on this historical lobit compilation was one that has an artist name that probably says it all. ‘Futuristic Shit’ brings us nothing less and nothing more than the sound of the future. Coming from a compilation that was released a while ago, it’s like listening to a future teller whose idea of the future in the past has been recoded and trapped in time for our futuristic enjoyment.  Is this track really the sound of the future? Perhaps yes, as if you are listening to it on this very day, it is the future for people living in the past, so in a sense; yes, this is the sound from the past deep into the future! Philosophically this work can be argued and talked about by official people as a case study piece, but musically it’s some kind of insane fusion of jazz, speedcore, experimental, electronic and a large slice of insanity. It’s quick but rather mind-blowing and probably will still sound futuristic in the next millennium.

Than a very close and good friend of mine; Toxic Chicken’ makes an appearance. This chicken brings a track called ‘gevril’ and is one of the more hectic electronic tracks squeezed out of his feathery butthole.  You can think about hammers, an injection of stupid melodies and everything wrapped up in a delirious fluff of hyper speed. The Mexican reggae artist The Pink Blob also joins the show with something that feels like a lobit track that could be polonaise friendly. A bit folk-ish and not particular sounding like what you would expect from a self-claimed reggae artists. But it does sound heavenly influenced by Jamaican ganja. The last track is one made by yours truly. I know its uncool to be reviewed by the same person who made it, but to make the biasedness less biased, I can assure you that my brain is so damaged that I honestly completely forgot about this track and how it sounded like. Having some kind of dementia can lead to benefits that you can basically enjoy your own made music over and over again, as if someone else made it. I mean this track (which is called ‘ Henk de Cock’) just listens away like something I did not have heard before. Some vague memories faded up with the words ‘Rhythm & noise’ spoken by the underground producer, label owner and disc jockey Adam Crammond. This is probably something that would fit the genre mixed with a fine lobit flavor. It sounds not bad, although I really should refrain from any more words regarding my own music. It just make YIKIS looks pretty sucky.  Anyway to steer away from further embarrassment, you really should take out one second to download this compilation at the following link, as I’m somehow sure you will probably enjoy it! And if not, I did enjoy it for you!

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