MIsko Czeskas – FIRE

artist: MIsko Czeskas
title: FIRE
format: Floppy Diskette
keywords: alternative, electro-indie, lori, singer songwriter
label: Weakie Discs http://weakiediscs.bandcamp.com

MIsko Czeskas has this deep grungy voice that makes me think of a cleaner version of Tom Waits, probably smoking less cigarettes and other toxic fumes. His guitar is in deep sync with a laid-back programmed beat and interlocked with his warm vocal skills. The song ‘Fire’ is simple and to the point, which makes it the perfect sing-a-long one, probably appealing to listeners that hang around in some kind of higher state of consciousness.

It’s perfectly relaxed and wouldn’t sound awkward when it would be played on repeat. It just has this ‘thing’ that has an irresistible sound and feel to it, that would be difficult not to love. A seasoned song made by a real guy and his guitar, both of them probably loosened up by the inhalation of the finest green, rolled in a thin paper.

To keep this elderly sounding song also hip for the youngsters and alternative hipsters, this track has been kindly released on the never unappealing format of a fine floppy diskette! Perfectly suiting the hunger for retro glam and manly stoner music that is solid as it can be!
So time to get higher and put yourself on fire’ but before that,
please browse to the following link and get this floppy:

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