Travis Johnson – Dakl / A-th

artist: Travis Johnson
title: Dakl / A-th
keywords: electronic, wonky techno, experimental, drone, techno
label: Field Effect Records

Jump in and take a ride on the wonky techno train. Your captain steering this vessel is Travis Johnson so you better fasten your seat-belts, if you can find any. This wild right is not your standard train-wrecking movement but a collection of freebase rhythmic experimentalism, smartly camouflaged as techno dAnce music. It has enough potential to let the listener jump and dance from wagon to wagon, but the rails are wobbly with off balance surprises along the way.

Next to a sandwich you better add some good drugs to your lunchbox covering this journey. Not that YIKIS promotes the use of dodgy mind-stimulaters (minus music), but at times when techno music is sleeping with avant-garde experimental music, it almost is an essential part of the experience.

Toot Toot! Here we go! Twisted steady stuff, twisting knobs, going around the edges of paranoid techno societies, passing by multicolored spectrums and slide down the drain of fun!  Jump up and take a deep breath and click on the following link:

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