Various Artists – Imputed

artists: Various
title: Imputed
keywords: experimental, drone, pop, electronic, drum n base, soundscape
label: Attenuation Circuit

Attenuation Circuit is doing this unstoppable compilation series that covers a wide range of ‘experimental’ orientated music. This older episode is one of the lighter ones that I came across, it involves frequent dance music and strange listenable fantasy tracks for the adventurous audio lover. There is also plenty of feel good rest moments, so all in all for everyone there seems to be something. If you need more convincing words: than let’s continue this review for a track by track inspection.

Lesbians kissing, angels singing, a crazed-out kazoo pretending to be a sensitive trumpet. These lose riddles are my notes that I made while hearing the first track on this compilation. A work that is done in mono by an artist called ‘Prophecy Sun’ which made me think of sexually charged lesbians kissing and kazooing, singing and probably more weirder scenes that are too hot to write down in a family orientated review blog.

Breakbeats and depressive male sounding vocals are the main ingredients of this fancy work by Deep. It sounds alternative, with some prodigy influences peeking around the corner. The music feels like it’s made for a Sunday morning as it wakes me up by beating my ears into a deep sleep. Does this make sense? Who knows!

Edolf is proud to put his important message out there. Humans suck! He does create his freedom of expression in the shape of an extraordinary tripped out robotic way. Think about early daft punk on heroin, armed with vocoder, completely spaced out, slow and excessive drug rock that sure doesn’t suck up!

A star turbine introduces the sound of drinking coffee with a space roach. The roach sips the coffee with great joy but end up with some stomach ache. The little fellow isn’t used to the earthly beans and this story might  end up with diarrhea.

Pierce Warnecke comes with a beautiful experimentation between hum and feedback. It is a pleasant soundtrack that feels like listening to a heaven for electric shavers.

Zanoisect is a little bug delivering other glitchy bug like sounds, absorbed by high voltage which keeps everything vibrating and fresh. It made me think of the red ants that are living inside my laptop.

holzkopf – hair in my throat. Makes me think of an old tape with a fine Bollywood moment on it, reversed, speeded up, rewind and glitched with breakbeats and enthusiastic heart attacks.

Who betrayed Jesus so he could hang on the cross? I don’t think it was elektrojudas, but his track would certainly fit a naughty betrayal of some kind. It’s one of these things that sound almost to cool to be true, but this track makes it look good to be bad! Think evil electronic music that is stable, catchy and contains some fine nastiness in the shape of evil an evil sounding melody and raw guitars!

XNDL brings on some classic nastiness in the shape of a perfect example of underground drum n base! It got all what you can imagine, from epic breaks, stops, fills and irresistible speed!

Niku Senpuki takes our ears deep into a nest of flies. There is not a lot else to be said as this is exactly how this work sounds like. It has never been done before though!

Emerge dives in a healthy ghost of a track. A mysterious world made up by tones that feel as if a lost spirit is hiding in between them. It’s a friendly one, and the track is a calm moment that is not there to be feared.

The last track is rather strange as it’s the closest we can come on an experimental compilation to indie pop music. The music is surprising as with the reversed guitar, sweet tonal sounds, unexpected electronic drums and sleepy but pretty vocal; it creates some kind of dreamlike world to be remembered.

As this is the end of this review, it would be a great moment to actual hear this compilation with your own ears. With the force of magic a link appears and all you have to do is click:

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