Alison G. Madrigal – (Rec).Start_01 (ep)

artist: Alison G. Madrigal
title: (Rec).Start_01 (ep)
keywords: experimental, electronic, IDM, minimal

Some people have said that experimental music is dead and buried, but unless some have used a shovel to dig it up and use their magical skills to reanimate, I would say that this ‘genre’ is very much alive and well. Just listen to this release by Alison G. Madrigal that gives us four contagious electronic tracks that each contains music in an experimental form. Yes, you could shove it all in the electronic braindance corner, but if you really listened to these tracks you could notice something special about this music.

The minimal approach with the conceptual differences in rhythm setup is showing different approaches to a similar theme of each recording, all have been performed with great care to contain only the necessary details.  I may sound vague over here, but what I really mean to say is the most magical part of this release is not so much what your ears are hearing, but what you actually do not hear. The artist has captured some way to cover the art of leaving things behind, but the things that are gone are automatically added by the interaction of the imaginative listener brain functions. Small sounds, minimal electronic snippets that normally on its own wouldn’t be noteworthy at all, are here kindly ordered together in a way that it makes sensible data for the mind to hear unique melodies, groovy acid and avant-garde music that isn’t really there, but is there!

I know, this description still sounds vague perhaps, but isn’t that enough detail to gather your own interest to check out this experimental music with your own set of ears and imaginative brainwaves? It might be the music that you searched for but could never find, but here is a link that will hopefully help you further into the debut record generated by someone called Alison:

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