Friends and Enemies – Frienemy

artist: Friends and Enemies
title: Frienemy
keywords: Lo-Fi rock
label: Myrdal

It’s difficult to pin down the attractive & addicted side of the single by Friends & Enemies. It shouldn’t be really my cup of tea, but for some reason I have been playing the tune on repeat for more than half an hour. There must be something in it that the people behind the Myrdal label had spotted too, some kind of magic sparkle that makes this single stuck and beloved to whoever comes across it.

It does its best not to come across as the instant friend that you should carry close to the heart with its ultimate lo-fi guitar sound and muffled singer that swims somewhere in the mix, but however the barricades set to put off potential listeners; it obviously isn’t working! Instead going for the side of unloved tracks it goes straight into that special corner of rather the opposite. As a analyzer I simply cannot put my finger on it what it is, that makes this single so special. Perhaps it’s the new cheap coffee that I’m drinking? Is it the sunny weather?  Or is it really just this instant music that keeps coming at me on repeat? It’s a tune that grows on you from a little seed into a huge tree; it’s the small dot in the horizon that slowly turns into a gigantic iceberg crushing the titanic.

Perhaps the secret is this stoner ‘surf’ feeling that comes within the swinging guitar strings? Maybe it is the singers nagging voice that doesn’t seems to care much what you will think of him or his music? Or is it the fancy drummer that can’t be bothered with the uptightness of other band’s drum-kits? It is probably a combination of these three elements that makes this track so awkwardly lovable. I mean who isn’t attracted to a band’s song that doesn’t care if you like it or not? Recorded in a way that it sounds as if it’s done spontaneous and on the spot? This band would probably shuck their shoulders when they read this review, laugh a bit, open up a beer can and just go on with what the hell they were doing. They sound like they don’t give a shit about what we think, which is ideal to capture a realistic honesty that is hidden at the surface of their first single.

Friends or enemies, it’s all the same to them. You like their lo-fi track? That’s fine. You don’t like it? So what? It’s this cool attitude that makes this tune glow up like a little star with a heroic stance of who-gives-a-f#ck coolness.

Play it on repeat and let it grow up to experience the attitude that it is captured in.  Enjoy it with your friends or play it for your enemies. Mix them up together to get a selective group of frenemies. Hate or love it, but be sure to hear it over here:

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