Hatari Power Wind

Product Name: Hatari
Sub Title: Power Wind
format: a machine
keyword: noise

A machine that works a bit like a propeller, moving wind from one place to another one. There is a screw on top that you can pull out to lock the wind direction, or push in to make the wind flow go from left to right and right to left. Once it is plugged into the electric system it can be switched on various speeds of wind blowing. The knobs to press are on the bottom front of the device, ‘0’, ‘1’ , ‘2’ & ‘3’. When pressing zero, the wind machine will stop moving, which obviously stops all sound generated by the vertical placed propeller, although  pressing the knob itself does generate a distinctive ‘click’ sound. By pressing ‘1’ the rotating plastic blades will start to move in a regular speed, producing a vibrant soft vibrating sound covering a fine breeze. Option ‘2’ will set the rotation of the propeller a vast amount quicker than the previous session. This creates the firm sound and feel of a fine wind. The plastic device can be heard rattling on its own legs. The sound is rather loud but not loud enough to kill the voices in the head. That’s were button ‘3’ comes in! This option makes the propeller basically go round and round in a ballistic way. Not quick enough to take the product up in the air like a helicopter, but the wind force that is produced is strong enough to blow things through the air. I wanted to describe how the generated ‘storm’ would sound like, but unfortunately my ears have been blown off. That’s a pity as without the ability to hear, reviewing sound is a no go area.


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