Droppings – Davey Bellows EP

artist: Droppings
title: Davey Bellows EP
keywords: strategic madness
label: Smikkelbaard http://smikkelbaard.bandcamp.com

Praise the lord!
The almighty!
Praise him!
Give thanks and praises!

Place a disturbed priest at the front of a mad band and give him a microphone. Load the other band-members  up with some experimental drugs and you probably know what will happen next. They play like their brains have exploded, their blood is boiling and they are on the edge of brilliantness and pure insanity. The priest gives a fine showcase involving spasms and sinful paranoid stares! The voice that he lends to this strange bunch of music (that seems to be all over the place) is actually the shining middle point that keeps the madness somehow together. By accepting and following this bunch of weirdo’s in their musical habitat you will be undeniably fucked with your head. They throw in unexpected pleasures that are paranoia pearls and splendid sweat inducing rushes of mathematic craziness! Think a psychopath on electric guitar and a coffee addict on drums! And of course; that run of the mill devilish sounding preacher that plays its vocal chords tightly among the short lived musical tone scales. There are no other words to describe this release than well planned madness!

Oh lord!
Show us the way!
(or just place a link so other people can also hear this stuff..)
(thank you, all mighty!)

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