Spore Spawn – Eat Bit

Artist: Spore Spawn
title: Eat Bit
keywords: noise, experimental, harsh
label: Attenuation Circuit http://emerge.bandcamp.com/

Eat Bit, is a release by Spore Spawn. You could have guessed it with the little info and title on top of this review, but just to make sure that everyone understands what we are talking about; Spore Spawn’s Eat Bit. Right, so now we have the formalities done I assume you are hungry? Take a seat as Spore Spawn is a queen in the kitchen and his bits are ready to be served.

The food is something that you can’t come across in the local restaurants, snack bars and trashbins. Spore Spawn serves bricks, balls of steel, rusty screws and a soup full of urine and blood. You don’t really need to eat it, you can just listen to it. It’s that audio feel that makes the cooking skills of Spore Spawn so legendary and different. His lava sausage with fresh diarrhea is so famous, it even got a copy-cat version somewhere in China.

In sound we can hear his food screaming for our attention; it’s undeniably loud and because of that; quite aggressive. The baked turds sounds a bit tough on the edges, the stove with spit boils a little bit too loud, while the dead body served on a bed of rotten salad is just sounding a bit too much burned to put your kitchen knife in. You just know that you are going to burn your inside if you have gathered the courage and take a full spoon of these eatable bits.

Even hearing them from a safe distance is quite dangerous. The hot acid that is jumping from the rat cakes, the slaughterhouse muffins, the pubic hair sauce, it’s basically all burning holes in your ears; just by looking at it. When you open up your ears, the damage is simply going to be disastrous. There will be blood, lots of blood. Maybe also a flow of instant feces, it’s nasty!

Screaming tea kettles that beg to be put out of their misery, soul crushing desserts, sickening aperitifs and a penetrating stench! The sounds of a mastery of art that destroys innocent restaurant goers into plunged out brainless whores. It’s not just hot and spicy, it’s more like marmalade. Either you like it or you hate it, but if you like your bits baked in a sick twisted noise, than you should at least try it out. Take a bit, open your mouth and take a bite! If you survive it and enjoy it, you must be a real noise lover with a nose for the crème de la crème!

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1 Response to Spore Spawn – Eat Bit

  1. timbradshaw says:

    Without a doubt the weirdest review abstraxus has ever read

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