Late Nite Howl – Insomnia

artist: Late Night Howl
title: Insomnia
keywords: Folk, videoclip
label: Myrdal

After watching thousands of documentaries of psycho killers in a row and one intriguing story about a woman who grew up with the monkeys in the jungle, the following video clip is a remarkable choice to follow up. If you replace the jungle with a forest and add some laid back music in the background instead of the outdated thrilling accentuations that they normally use in crime documentaries, you will be coming closer to visualize this music video.  But instead of wasting your imagination by visualizing this whole thing in your head, it’s perhaps better to just watch the video below. It contains that psycho killer mood, sexy times, some Blair witch moments and of course a cute little piggy!

For more information and also links that you might want to follow to get this music and more, please follow the following link:

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