Hanoe Ish – New Bad Life

artist: Hanoe Ish
title: New Bad Life
cat: SPNet145
keywords: noise, harsh noise, HNW, brutal noise, progressive noise, experimental
label: SPNet http://www.sprecordings.com

Noise. The final frontier. These are the voyages of … well never mind the bollocks! New Bad Life by artist Hanoe Ish is a merciless release that progresses itself in over a period of more than one hour.
The underlying tones and noises are what makes this release more striking as it triggers the hallucinating part that static noise walls normally intend to trigger much earlier in the process. In fact Hanoe Ish doesn’t waste time and from the beginning throws the listener straight into its harsh audio world. Voices can be heard, images appear and disappear and the whole sound shows no signs of empty hollowness.
New Bad Life feels in fact filled with lively organism that feels perfectly hidden away behind the vast curtain of the steady brutal wall of noise.
This snow storm of sound is what I found personally something that is a strangely good combination with working activities; being not to much in your face but still enough not to go to boredom area’s. Something that has enough energy to keep you going and flowing throughout the slow changes and transistions that this release is rich off.
If harsh static noise is your thing and you are open to experience strange side effects , than this might be just the release for you!

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