ALIEN LOVE – Jupiter

jupiartist: ALIEN LOVE
title: Jupiter
format: Floppy Diskette
keywords: Science Fiction, experimental, space, drone, ambient
label: Floppy Noise Records

The artist that loves aliens and far distant planets is inviting us on a new journey. This time the excursion goes to a planet called ‘Jupiter’. It is the largest planet in our solar system  and is quite a hostile environment for humans with it’s lack of actual surface and its gigantic storms. Scientifically speaking this audio tour made by ALIEN LOVE would be of an high interest, as it shows this planet in a completely new shape and form. In the first part of this release ALIEN LOVE shows a certain comical clumsiness that has never been documented before about this planet. It’s a short happening but just might be the discovery of the century.  A face of wonder and mystery can be pulled which is actually a very suited expression of the face while listening to the second part of this journey. It’s a recording that throws in a monumental X-file themed moment and it is enough to question everything we know about this planet. The eyebrows start to lift up and goat beards are stroked in the search for answers. The powers of qualified Sci-fi  music has come as a pleasant surprise as it is a good find on a journey that could have been more a fragment of hostile environment. The last part of the trip is something that sounds like a recording of our cute little exploring spacecraft that moves along to other corners in the galaxy in search for more intriguing places to record and get inspired by. My personal journey here has finished but your own excursion to Jupiter awaits to join your collection at the following link:

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