Bastard Child – Thriving To Fail

artist: Bastard Child
title: Thriving To Fail
keywords: noise, HNW, harsh noise, experimental
label: Florida Noise Ordinance

What can a person expect to hear when diving into a release that contains remixes of an original track done by Bastard Child? Probably a form of the finest extremities that are out there, as the line up of remixers is one that features some top notch underground sound explorers. To make sure that the trend of harshness is set; the first track is a RedSK remix of a YB remix. It’s an loud assaulting showcase of noise with robotic  bleeps and harsh blobs. It is by definition a good start if you are into the more extreme forms of sound.

Stirner’s thriving on failure mix is making the task to take over the first remix relatively easy. He delivers from the first second a nasty wall of noise that will make all normal walls crumble and rill on their foundations. Within this 18 minutes of mayhem for the ears,  there are slight twists, scraping every inch of its fearless listeners hearing systems. It’s like an all destroying rumbling tornado that seems to be endless and completely merciless, covering every inch with a big layer of gruesome noise.

The failure to thrive remix done by Flat Affect starts in a calm way. A slow rhythmic sound is crawling up like a clock ticking away the time. Deep underneath it there is a noise going through, for some reason the expectation is that this will gradually push up the volume, but before that happens the rhythm is starting to double up and indulges itself in a finer blur of sound. Energy starts to erupt when the mechanic sounds and noise are coming together as one and invoke a hallucinative state of rattling industrial noise. It’s like listening to something that could be compared to standing next to a machine in a factory without earplugs and experiencing a delirious delirium while shooting an endless amount of bullets from a machine-gun.

ReAL.alTEr.Ego is the last remixer on this release. His version starts with a softer introduction that will invoke the brave listeners to put up the volume to hear all the glimpses of sounds that whisper in the emptiness. After a while the volume will be filled with a soundscape that is a warm exploration that comes across as a damp electrified steam-train that goes railless through a wet snow-landscape. Suddenly it reaches such high speeds that makes it clear that this train is more high-tech than originally thought. In fact it goes so quick that it sound transformed into tones that almost could qualify as melodic music. When slowing down the soundscape goes back to the slippery sounds of slow snow movements until it speeds up and finally calms down again. A crunchy experience that safely steers the final sounds towards a safe ending of an original Bastard Child track.

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