Francisco Meirino – The Back Of My Skull

artist: Francisco Meirino
title: The Back Of My Skull
keywords: bloody interesting
label: Absence Of Wax

The interesting thing is here and it comes in the shape of more than half an hour of pure sound. It starts just like an recording of placing a needle on an dusty piece of vinyl, but instead of playing identifiable songs; a classy moment of soft crackling sounds are being pushed upon the listeners. From within this the audio work moves slowly from one timeless moment into one other. Slow movements of change are going for complete abstract parts by using quality stereo interaction, experimental abstract audio as well as a good combination of friendly comfortable  higher tones and soft voltage fun. It’s a pleasure to hear things evolve until the imaginary needle skips again to a different part on this digital release.
There is lots of comfort for the fans of dusty crackles and minimal sound experimentation, perfectly capable of getting and keeping the ears focused on it’s captivating movements and hypnotic sound sessions. While this record breaths in and out, it certainly does  it’s best to keep the mind entertained with it’s different sounds and light changes of experimental audio forms of life.
This session that covers the back of the skull of Francisco Meirino is keeping the things interesting until its very end.

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