Klaus Marten – Master Tape

artist: Klaus Marten
title: Master Tape
keywords: beach boys, brian wilson, experimental, instrumental, mbv, my bloody valentine, other-rock, distortion, guitar solos, drone, ethereal, shoe gaze, brooklyn.

Klaus is delivering a free trip through his latest ‘Master-tape’ release.
No tickets are needed, you just hop in the first track and Klaus will take everyone in his own unidentified object. It’s warm soft engine makes a loving sound and when everyone is on board the whole thing goes up in the air like a helicopter.

Our first stop on this touristic tour is a small crash in the middle of a muddy pool.
Do not worry as it looks like it was a soft landing and the jurassic strangeness isn’t large enough to do harm. On the contrary the bugs, insects that move between the humid area of water and dust sounds quits remarkable.

Our pilot and guide shows us a green leaf and suggest to fold it and make a small cut within it. Klaus places the leaf to his mouth and blows wind through the small cut. A new noise is being presented to our own ears, it’s kinda like a kazoo but by definition more natural in sound.

The group has to leave to another part of the tour. It’s a strange place to meet a celebrity but Klaus shows us the personal hell of nobody less than the deceased Jimmy Hendrix.
He rocks out his guitar in an an noise that seems to disturb his trademark skills, he is not getting out of it what he wants, but for us ‘tourists’ it’s nonetheless entertaining to see this hero struggle.

Of course we have to doubt that it was actually the real Jimmy Hendrix, as it would be probably more logical that it was a look-a-like. After all  the real Jimmy should be rocking out with the gods above. To make the transition from this noise part of entertainment; Klaus provides a safe place that comes across as a state between heaven and hell with or without the Jimmy in question.

Finally we all go for a lunch with ice-cream as Klaus brings us to the funny side of summer happiness. Friendly guitar strumming gives us companionship while we take a rest in order to proceed the rest of our free audio vacation.

And the vacation really starts as Klaus brings us into a calm guitar piece of ambience that has the same character as chilling out in a warm field without any worries on the mind. Anyone fancy to smoke a joint?

Than after the personal recreational time, Klaus shows us the sight of a short moment of heavenly beauty, covering sparkles, flying nymphs and wandering spirits. It is an impressive sight!

Toilet break enters and everyone gets the change to empty their bowels and bladders in to the clean exits that this tour has prepared. What a luxury, and it’s sounds even more hygienic than at home!

Than a lecture follows in the shape of an music performance that covers the idea of ‘loneliness’.
It can’t be clearer described as a sadness that is most divine. Everyone seems to take some private time and cuddles up to supplied teddybears and other soft toys to absorb the tears with.

But than the lecture takes a different direction. The loneliness is suddenly transformed into a happy thing. After all it isn’t that bad to be alone, especially when the lonely path is filled with music of your own taste.

Everyone is thirsty after this intensive session, so Klaus takes us all out to a local pub for a light alcoholic refreshing beverage. Here it is where Klaus introduces the group to his good friend Jules. Jules is dressed smart, in a suit, black hair tightly sticked on his head with an overdose of gel. He is one of the old rockers, jazz listeners and regular speed takers and poets. He likes the pub because of the music, which is basically complimenting the cool flair of his own persona.

After the fine meet up with Jules, Klaus has more fun for us. He brings us to something that is deliciously tropical. He provides everyone with sombrero’s and sunshine. Everyone get’s another free cold beer in the sun and it’s basically the music for good times.

A small intermezzo for the people who needs to unleash their newly gained urine and the tour continues.
Klaus brings us to a beautiful sight. It’s a perfect place and the timing is precise! THe sun is going down and the view of the sky is a perfect red. Everything feels good and everyone is relaxing and chilling out from the sight and the music that Klaus plays on the background.

Klaus ends the tour and thanks everyone for coming and listening to his side of life and sounds.
Of course he gives everyone an extra doses of beautiful vibes, by waving everyone goodbye on a magical ambience that slowly becomes a monumental vies of almost classical music!

If you are also in need for such an vacation, inclusive tour guide and amazing views. Than hurry up and follow the  link at the end of this review, as the new group excursion is ready to do this whole tour all over again!
Join in and enjoy a good musical break!

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