Various Artists – SAMIZDAT fLOppy DISK #03

artists: Various
title: SAMIZDAT fLOppy DISK #03
keywords: lobit, floppy, not just mp3, avant-garde, ‘a noisy act of love against the music busssiness!
label: MAV [0kbps] Records

The people of MAV [0kbps] just released the latest episode of  their lobit/low tech floppy sized compilation.  This time the compilation covers a wide range of underground artists and their own takes on ‘music’. The release is including mp3’s, midi files, and legendary tracker formats to give each participating artist enough space to create the things they love and want to share. There is electronica, hip hop, orchestral, ambiance, noise, avant-garde, experimentation and even alien stuff included! It’s amazing what you get for a +-4 second download time. Let’s take a closer look in the contents, if you need more wood on your fire of enthusiasm.

Fabio Crivellaro – dKrogg rocks this discs with an addictive bombastic tune called ‘mArCh Of ReCyCle!
It’s one to bang your head on so hard that the rest of the body follows into a fine oddball dance escapade! Think alternative electronic music that has this kick in the face and energetic infusion by an undeniable force coming from a wicked in your face baseline! This is delivered in the original Impulse Tracker format that saves not only precious space but also seriously kicks ass!

Exclamation Point is another golden appearance on the SAMIZDAT do-it-yourself fLOppy DISK #03.
The track delivered by this illustrious artist is called [ ! ] and quite frankly comes across as a naughty breeze of all destroying air, coming from a mouth with eternal tooth decay! It’s short, but it’s odor will stay with you for the rest of your life.. And what’s there not to love about that?

Artist and personal artist of interest Beira also makes an high tech quality impact on this compilation.
His weapon is music and his choice to deliver is the never failing midi format! What this artist delivers is something that could be the wonderful soundtrack for an RPG computer game. It isn’t hard to imagine Orcs doing backflips, slaughtering freshly captured bridesmaids while rusty swords are being juggled on this story telling themes of thrilling film music. If you have your hands on some good speakers, it might be a good recommendation to play this track at its loudest volume and simply rock on this enthusiastic crashes, and wild warrior rays of energy around the room!
Beira’s ‘VGA on GBA’ simply rocks!

Max Scordamaglia – Unalog – 09 is a journey that leans heavenly on the finest obit hip hop beats and the more cooler flashier sounds of life! You want to roll em up, smoke em and enjoy the eccentricity and the loudness of the finer pieces of enjoying brain damage while chilling out! It’s contains these high sounds that come across as alien pleasure points perfectly placed to entertain the sensible ears of the pets around you!

Of course there is more, as this fLOppy DISK is simply full with goodies! Undermindlimb & Khaotic Molly comes up with an interesting avant-garde work that they named ‘grandfather paradox 1.56- 12.52. It is a sound cake that has ingredients of sweetness and greasy grandfather juice. There are also hints of futuristic bowels shooting hard boiled donuts through an intercontinental spacious obit universe.

There is also an Toxic Chicken on this floppy, one that goes also for the comfort of the midi format. A format that is so delightful because the music sounds on so many systems so entirely different. It is the sound cards magic that is the true artist behind the notes. Maybe not entirely, but still the sound card of any computer should get some chapeau and handclaps too.

Leader in the mental field Tommaso Busatto goes berserk with an state of the art piece of vaporizing production of sound. He named it ‘gotEmoftoe’ and hearing it basically explains why it is called like that. This must be enough reason to plug yourself into this delightful compilation alone, but in case you need more words to convince that this is the MUST HAVE record of 2014, than please continue reading. Tommaso Busatto’s track basically delivers the essence of a cool soul here. It’s the thriving rhythm that isn’t decorated with fancy pansy christmas lights and colorful unnecessary side show effects, it is the clean cut beat and the alien frequent nastiness that rocks like no other!

The man behind the ‘quattro pass sullen lame’ track on this exclusive collection of label described low-tech wonders, is Stefano Balice. You might have heard of his works in the underground, but if not, than this might be a good introduction of his persona. He brings a perfect experimental electronica track to the diskette, and it’s in the delightful authentic Fast Tracker format! Think funky, think bleep and maybe don’t think at all! This is for chilling out, dancing and basic enjoying the retro vibes in the age of modern times!

All the high tones that have dominated some of the previous described tunes are always fun to be played for dogs and cats. The priceless faces of enjoyment and approval are always rewarding, especially when you know the best is yet to come! Here we have it, an track by Sounddog65, with the name ‘flompodiskoteque’. The name might bring up the idea that this is music to be played in a floppy porn discotheque, which could possibly not really far off from how the actual music is sounding like. Just don’t expect an beat, but more the hot heath of an animal porno that is filled up with mysterious scenes and clearly erotic eccentricity. Animals love this and humans probably too!

The last artist on this disk is Pioggia d’Ambra, a well respected experimental artist that is quite frankly on top of its game by inducing atmospheric expressions of darkness. Here he brings a work ‘Trauma del lobo temporale’  for our ears to endure with our full intent and interest. It’s probably the longest work on this fLOppy and also the one that goes for a more relaxing ambient, than it’s other sound friends. The music does it’s best to calm the ears down in a dark massage, and hopefully leaves everyone relaxed and chilled out at the very end of this ride.
An perfect end for a colorful (so well in music as in sound format) compilation that has been captured in this third episode of the SAMIZDAT fLOppy DISK!

This is certainly one of the DON’T MISS compilations if you are into lobit music and other forms of small data seized pretty music essentials!
a great collection, perfect floppy fit and totally free!
No time to waste, use the seconds and get this ‘party’ over here:

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