Various Artists – Genre Wheel of Fortune

artist: Various
title: Genre Wheel of Fortune
keywords: genres behind numbers
label: Pimpmelon Records

Each artist picked a random number from 1-50 and was assigned a random genre, then they had to make a track in said genre. It came from the idea of toying with musicians’ standard genre of choice and making them work outside their comfort zones. The results are pretty apparent.

This  conceptual compilation is organized by Forfy who runs the experimental Pimpmelon label. The result are an interesting take of artists that made their own take on genres that (with some lucky exceptions) forces them to go and exploring different directions than their usual habitat. A real challenge that not only is interesting as a musical exploration for the artists involved but also for research on what an artist definition of a specific genre actually is.

1 – Noise
From what I know, artist Drøye is doing a splendid job in translating the noise genre. The artist does it in a lengthy fashion that is mostly filled with a crunched out guitar, deliberately drained in a fuzzy bed of buzz.

2 – Lowercase
Lowercase, I have no idea what it is and who classifies its music as this genre. Mount Analogue hopefully helps to inform and set the record straight to what this music box is supposed to sound like. Is is something that comes close to micro-sound or minimalism? The track can be just as easy be classified as minimal ambient as it moves tonal paths very slowly throughout a long period of time. The music is pretty, and almost intoxicating by it’s tonal minimal movement.

3 – Alternative Rock
Flange Zoo sounds like a Flange Zoo going for an alternative rock approach. Hearing this makes me want to laugh of all these serious bands that label themselves alternative rock, cause what Flange Zoo is doing here feels real ‘alternative’ compared to most squeaky clean bands that the scene is rich off. This track is almost like a comedic persiflage on the whole genre and that certainly is more entertaining than educating. Time for some alternative drugs to hear more alternatives to alternative rock.

4 – Black Metal
Loame  is doing a really good job going for a throughout black metal approach. You can hear its not the regular environment that Loame normally swims in, but that makes it even so much more refreshing. We leave the corps paint behind and go for a more melodic darker madness. I personally miss some donald duck voices on top of these perfect structures, but it isn’t hard to imagine them on top of the music.

5 – Pop
Pop! A genre that features by standard a certain catchiness. Now is doing a great take by using these elements but adding their own crazed craziness to the mix. It is like someone who hates pop music but actually doing it and fighting an internal self-conflict while doing so! The result is pretty cool!

6 – Reggae
Is this real? Is it someone playing around with samples or did Dolly Dollycore indeed capture the stoned out music form so successfully that it created it into a enjoyable caricature from it? Either-way it sounds good and strangely hilarious at the same time.

7 – Plunderphonics
Artist Bedawang did an amazing job by plundering a large amount from the netlabel Sirona Records catalogue and completely making and recycling an awesome mix that is as a stand alone track already enough to blow your mind.

8 – Hip-Hop
TOTALITNY REZIM is doing the most strangest hip-hop that I’ve probably have ever heard. This is a good thing and actually pretty innovative. The fine rhythm and free load mentalistic approach is for some reason extremely insane and enjoyable. Shaking that booty!

9 – Modern Classical
qwzczcciizxc brings a take on a version of modern classical music that is actually a very pretty work that mixes modern noises with an sad and at times more bright, melodic exploration.

10 – Ambient
To-Bo is using the musical mambo jumbo to channel the spirit of ambient music. You can hear them busy fondling under the table while To-Bo strums a pleasant and easy going loop on a old school friendly guitar. The nervous ambient spirits do not seem to find what they searched for, but nonetheless the actual music is enough to be classified as chill out ambient.

11 – Drone
The somewhat happy shite version of a drone is being presented by a crack upon the earth. It’s a track that is took a direction that is more experimental as expected, but did feature some drone elements. An interesting take to what ‘drone’ means in a creative mind.

12 – Blues
Arnfinn Nesset throws in a rocky side of blues and that involves some provoking guitar pieces, rolling against the stream drums and all round banging material.

13 – Jazz
Jazzy J. Notch swings, throws in some flying freestyle vibes and classical jazz instruments in an funky experimental coat that wotks quite well in a jazz bar a-swell as the lounge side of an avant-garde sound fest!

14 – Heavy Metal
Fredian Bintar does a strange take on heavy metal. If this is heavy metal than our communal freezer is made out of wood. But all genre’s aside this lofi rocker sound is actually quite un-arming, although I personally believe that some more heavy metal research would have been more fruitfull.

15 – Punk Rock
A real punk rock tune with a Devo-esque take and feel is delivered by Anarchistwood. It’s lots of fun too with it’s insane opera moments and hilarious flow of energy. Good times!

16 – A Cappella
Onewayness goes A Capella. Or at least it is soundings as it is using only voices as material to create an atmospheric angelic track. It sounds more electronic as the voices never seem to stop for an intake of new fresh air, but it’s still a nice relaxing moment to hum along with.

17 – Breakcore
Broken No Fix is doing an discovery of how to make clandestine breakcore. It exposes some secrets how some peculiar sounds are made and is a short bit of lightweight fun.

18 – World
All around the world with forgy mouth express! It’s like a free travel among world music with added twists by the crazy world of Forfy himself.

19 – R&B
Exclamation Point brings pornographic R&B back on the grid! Fine beats and a fine flavor to chill out on..

20 – Slowcore
This is the space that covers a track by Kai Nobuko. You might know him and if not than that’s alright with me. He sings a song about slowcore while being oblivious how this genre has to sound like

21 – Anti-Folk
Tommaso Busatto brings us possibly the best anti-folk song EVER made. He does this by the honest consumption of enough alcohol yo pull this classic track off the charts!
Great stuff!

22 – Art Rock
Chilling out and listening to Body 13’s music that could be hanged in a museum for regular viewing. You might call it experimental, but this art rock is pretty using all the facets to deliver an entertaining track.

23 – Acid
Pogohm is here to deliver lobit acid and he does this like it doesn’t cost the slightest headache! He insert the right beats and the funky acid bleeps and blops everyone loves and that’s simply excellent!

24 – Glitch
Headcleaner brings us glitch the headcleaner way. It’s loud, noisy and not to forget: glitchy!

25 – Chillwave
Strangers Wearing MakeUp is spot on with it’s take on the chillwave genre. This is it! Chilling, waving and flying on pretty synths and laid back beats. Perfect music to hear while wearing sunglasses!

26 – New Wave
Layne Anderson delivers another top tune in this genre wheel of fortune fest. Layne’s new wave is very upbeat and actually quite poppy. It would suit some vocals, but perhaps the listener can make up lyrics and sing them along with the tune?

27 – Country
If I didn’t know better, I would think that Ech(o) was a well established country singer armed with cowboy hat, boots and whisky. She sings her smooth as silk song with her banjo covering an activity she likes to do!
Hihaa! how do you do, partner?

28 – Lo-Fi
A very fun and surprising take on ‘lo-fi’ by Noistruct! It’s like an energetic robotic electric micro rave that passes by in a uplifting speedy speed!

29 – Dubstep
Master Taurus idea of dubstep is hilarious and thats what is making this genre wheel of fortune so much fun! You just never know how the artist will interpret the genre, and in this case the artist gave birth to a complete new genre instead of dubstep! Great!

30 – Grindcore
Grindcore gets a grinding spin as if coffee beans are being grinded with a chainsaw.  A good show by (o)thers!

31 – No Wave
Joel Nobody comes with his version of a ‘no wave’ track and haha it’s an utterly brilliant match with Joel’s innovative creative mindset. The drums rumble and seem to crash to the floor, un-hearable lyrics are spitted out in an fanatic way and the rest of the music is like an hasty punk set quickly sticked together with tape before the whole ‘band’ falls apart!

32 – Nintendocore
Robert Ungland is from England sticks his hand in the world of nintendocore. What comes out is something that sounds more as nintendorape. Everyone loves these sounds!   Even when they are brought in a vulnerable position to be experimented with and pushed to its limits in light torture; it’s still a nice thing to hear!

33 – Ska
This compilation really is funny! Just thinking about the dark serious works of  A God With Horns now creakingly playing the right necessities to create a real Ska vibe!
It worked and it’s a good piece of skill full musicianship!

34 – Drum & Bass
The Kinky Bobcat purrs up a atmospheric drum & Bass track,
sphere full strings and the trademark beats are mingled to create an memorable track with high emotional value.

35 – Chiptunes
Of course a genre that we all know, love and cherish is ‘chip tune’. Martin Gonzalez does a great job by delivering a little aperitif of this heroic retro fun. It’s tasty but rather to short to get drunk from.

36 – Children’s Music
MSP and the Moo delivers something that makes me think of the country song that we heard earlier on the compilation. But this song is of course specially made to entertain the little ones.

37 – Oi!
Oi! Oi! Oi! I had no idea this was an actual genre and not just a well used filler in punk songs. But as this is a well though trough conceptual wheel of music, we take the Pimpmelon’s word for it! Misantronics delivers a punky spurt of resistance with a track called ‘Why the Fuck Did You Let Me Do This.’ A title that speaks for itself.

38 – Post-Industrial
Pioggia D’ambra stays close to home when going for a post industrial track. It’s dark, electronic and quite heavy. The sounds come across as very modern and militant in its futurism.

39 – Minimal
Der Domestizierte Mensch goes for the minimal genre. It feels as if the experimental sound producer is pressing two keys for the duration of this track. It is almost comical, and definitely is a good piss-taking at the craziness that this genre implies!

40 – Powerviolence
Okay. Bluh! Puke! Slaughter the drum kits and Donald Duck is on the microphone! This is Powerviolence all right! At some great volume and distortion and count ‘Disney Bird on Lambrusco’ a great success!

41 – Crunk
Swin Deorin makes an appearance and made a track in the genre of ‘crunk’.  And Surprisingly this is one of the personal highlights on this massive compilation. To lure the artist from their normal comfort zone delivers sometimes pure gold, and that is basically what ‘Deez Bitchez’ is!
Pure bling with a great rapping flow, wicked lyrics and an a clean cut bearded accent! f*cking brilliant, mate!

42 – Gospel
А Осмог Дана Бог Је Створио Чаробну Лава И Заборавио Све О Нама is the longest artist name, and is definitely entitled to do a take on the ‘gospel’ genre. It isn’t really gospel, but it sounds still church worthy and somehow holy!

43 – Jazz Fusion
Solzhenitsyn Forecast brings a track called Con-Fusion and is an understandable capture of confusion what this jazz fusion genre actually is. I’m wondering too, scratching my head and the weird pretty absurd drunken music that this artist provides over here, fits quite perfectly.

44 – Post-Rock
Than Snowfeeder comes in with a ‘Mothers Without Children’ track in the Post-Rock genre. It sounds like a slow drama. In my visual receptors of the brain I can see a poor sheep walking slowly to the slaughter. Never heard a guitar teleporting such a sadness..

45 – Trip-Hop
An artist called Now Wash Your Hands is doing Trip-Hop. And it is a delicious take on the genre and has enough humor to take the piss out of itself. But actually this is turning yet again into comedy gold. Please let Tom Green cover this song!

46 – Witch House
The last genre and the last track and artist has been reached. It is the mysterious genre called ‘Witch House’. We have some of those classified releases covered on Yeah I Know It Sucks, but still have no real clear idea what it actually should be. Lucky Sven Meyer educates us all and set us all in a bewitched dance trance! What a sublime ending of an very epic collective piece of cooperation!

download this interesting compilation over at the following link:

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  1. onewayness says:

    Yes, it’s me singing, into my looper. So it’s technology-assisted a cappella, if you like. 🙂

    Thanks for the review!


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