Blank Sphere – Darkness EP

artist: Blank Sphere
title: Darkness EP
keywords: dark ambient , drone
label: Deep Lake Records

Everyone is entitled to darkness, and artist Blank Sphere is spreading it out as if it’s free. In fact in this case the darkness is actually free. See it as a gift if this music have reached your chambers, your surroundings, friends and family members. There is no need to thank Blank Sphere as it’s ‘all Blank Sphere’s pleasure’. The clouds that turn everything colorless are provided as a gass through an organ pipe system. It happens that Blank Sphere enjoys pressing the more mysterious notes on this organ / darkness spreading device. Dark Sphere captures even at times the mood of a lonely Dracula that wants to give more than receive, it’s darkness of the kind kind.   But once you give the friendly looking darkness an inch it will simply takes over your complete  life. The ‘anxiety’ pieces that this EP starts with is a good example of luring unexpected listeners in and than absorbing them completely. No more light, as Dark Sphere covers the sun and removes lightbulbs. It is quite a drastic free gift from Dark Sphere but at the same time efficient and original.

Dark Sphere plays the winning music of satisfying darkness. An victory song of spreading his magical clouds all over the world, but there is also a certain sadness included. Dark Sphere’s darkness are like his little children and they grow up so fast! Leaving home and all that, it leaves Dark Sphere in a room that still might be dark, there is also plenty of dusty sunshine shining through.

Dark Sphere decides that it’s no good to send his children out in the open when it is giving such an awkward feeling of loneliness. Dark Sphere makes plans to go and follow the darkness to convice them to come back home. The dramatic dead lights in Dark Sphere’s home are not cheering up and the hopes are set for tomorrow. Darkness returns and the life of Dark Sphere will be full and enriched with darkness once again. But kind as Dark Sphere is, The Sphere invites everyone to come on over and appreciate the pleasures of no lights. Dark Sphere’s address is open all year around and can be visited freely at the following link:

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