Lanuk – o(O

artist: Lanuk
title: o(O
keywords: experimental, synths, electronica, improvisation, Hungary

Oh no! It’s Olo! A sound sculpture that is going for the more absurdistic side of the experimental synth noise experience. Olo takes over your life in a fragment of an instant! Bubbling your laughing stomach with strange ‘woowoo’s’ , naughty laser communications and the always satisfying carefully  electric rattles containing fresh hiss. Mentalist sound lovers that like to be indulged in weird rhythmic sound strangeness will be greatly pleased in how Olo comes to a noise orgasm at its final climax!

ooO. Oh! More craziness is awaiting and this time it’s all the O’s smiling in our ears with the pretty weird synths tickling the happiness parts  of the brain. They are moving, laughing and brushing the roads to internal lunacy and that’s probably not a bad place to go!

I mean once when everyone is converted in a laughing sound explorer: the dance movements of ‘O)oOo’ will be channeled to everyone  in the natural way. Don’t swallow these pills but just throw yourself in this rhythmic festivity and let the oddball music do it’s best to create an obscure dance party.

The last mental transition into this fun but yet absurd release of mental sounds is one that is called oO|O.
Some people will think it sounds as if the music is actually broken, things are not working as they should, but in reality this music is perhaps quite advanced to be completely understood. It’s entertaining how weird sounds tumble down as if they are being played by a thumb piano, how extreme sounds rattle as robotic noises through the air.
This is all out of our listeners control and tickling the boundaries of sanity.
It’s this and it’s that!
But it’s most of all proof that noise can be lots of fun!
Click the link to hear it with your own ears:

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