Anastasia Vronski – Cold Night

artist: Anastasia Vronski
title: Cold Night
keywords: drone, electronics, experimental, noise, ambient,

Sitting in the middle of the night covered in complete darkness,
listening to the sound output of the experimental sound producer Anastasia Vronski.

It is an experience that is well recommended for anyone with an interest in hearing the minimal comforting hums of the cold night and little forms of life that occupy it. If you listen carefully you can feel the breeze and the earth’s movement around its own inner core.The night buzzes of life, a form that takes care when other life forms would take a break.

The attention of the ears will be surprised when after a monumental state of sound, some secrets are revealed. The change that comes abrupt and unexpected is coming across as a mind opening experience, that made me wonder how far someone can be sucked up in an audioscape to be hypnotized by its sound inflicted atmosphere? Before asking to much questions; the finer homely hum starts to burn up again and brings a deeper trance towards the end. Fresh air twirls around in the ears and soft little crickets bring a choir to let us know that the 15 minute audio trip is over and morning will come soon.

This minimal audio work is something that is undeniably recognizable for people that ever felt the buzz of a cold night, but with ‘Anastasia Vronski’s audio version everything is much more captured in a comfortable way and fine details. Wearing woolen hats, scarf and warm sweaters are simply not necessary when enjoying this pleasant audio version of a pleasant cold night.

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2 Responses to Anastasia Vronski – Cold Night

  1. revels1954 says:

    Hi Anastasia , amazing —just amazing –all the things that one can create in their mind listening to this piece of Abstract Sound-
    — I was suspended in empty space for awhile —to bad I had to come back ….. 🙂 Love the line drawing …… Nena

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