Variax – baelg

artist: Variax
title: baelg
keywords: experimental, electronic
label: attenuation circuit

The content of this release was recorded at Tonfaal on a date range from 13 to 15.09.13 . It contains 3 tracks. They are 6:11. 5:47 and 13:03 in length. And the record is been released on 25.12.13.
The cover design is photographed and designed by Emerge on a unknown date and location. The artist name is Variax, which is counting 2 ‘a’s and an nice ‘x’ at the end.

The first track ‘vellt’ (with the 6:11 playing time) comes across to me as an improvisational calm synth exploration recorded with a high lo-fi feel. It’s like listening to a lengthy soundtrack of a strange scene in a eighties cult movie. (80th)

‘Liggs’ (the one that is 5:47 long) is going forward with a similar feel in sound, but is adding the guitar skills of someone called Marc Fischer to the soundtrack. I’m not sure if it’s because of that, or just because the artist is chosing different sounds and tones than the previous work, but the result is sounding even more story telling. I can’t tell what the invissable story is about that fits this as a soundtrack, but it wouldnt surprise me if it had to do with ufo sigthings in the far west.

The last track is ‘Eppal’ (the magical length of 13:03) which is a soundscape designed by Emerge. It is from a different order than the previous two tracks as this feels more modern than the muffled low-tech sound that was decorating the look and feel of the other works. The track is covering sounds in a subtractive way, presenting them in a thrilling slow showcase that surprises with unexpected twists of repetition that smells of machinery and murder scenes without murder. There is something inviting in this track, something that will please the Jessica Fletchers and other home grown detectives for a walk in search for clues and sounds. Mystery is the right word to describe this track, and the only way to be able to resolve it is by listening.
Bring in your finger-printless gloves, magnifier and note-block, love for cult movies and imagination before diving into the following link:

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