Zanoisect – Italians

artist: Zanoisect
title: Italians
keywords: zzZz, experimental, ambient, minimal, noise

Lately the netlabel department of has been overly visited by an specific insect. It has been laying prolific eggs all over the place resulting in releases covering an amount of sound that is usually around half an hour in length. The scientific name for this insect is Zanoisect and we only know that it reproduces itself rather quickly. To review all the Zanoisect output will probably an enormous task, so today we just focus on one that is called Italians.

Why it is titled to this legendary group of people is to me a complete mystery, as the sound doesn’t seem to transport us to Italia and neither involves hovering above an espresso and pizza. But what is it than exactly? Perhaps it’s the microscopic sound extremely enlarged of the Zanoisect sucking blood from Italians?

In pure sound it is actually a very minimal piece, involving some mechanical sound that act as if it’s organic while it fades in and out at a very slow pace. It isn’t that exciting to hear but perhaps it’s something for people and insect lovers that just like something calm without fall-off-the-chair-surprises. In fact it might be possible that this work is there to provide a first class ticket to dreamland. A place that will leave the listener quite vulnerable for unknown  insect bites. A possibility that can manifest in even more zanoisects popping up and twirling around; making the listeners sleep for infinity.  Italians beware and also other sound explorers; listen to this insect at your own risk:

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