Material Action – Latin Vibe (Jazztech Version)

artist: Material Action
title: Latin Vibe (Jazztech Version)
keywords: latin, dance, techno, electro, electronica, groove, vibes

Smooth like a condom with build-in lubricant and sweet as a desired piece of chocolate cake. These are the two things that come to my mind when the silk dance sound of a duo called Material Action is being fed through the ears. This is the soundtrack for relaxed dancing, feeling content and good about ourselves and is probably at the same time a good stress removing alternative.

bathwineOther things that could be fitted as being almost an equal experience as listening to this track is perhaps taking a warm well deserved comfortable bath, drinking wine from a good year and of course; doing both of these actions at the same time.  But to be frank, this is just a very small fragment of the actual feel of the music as one huge and important element is missing in the experiences above: a perfect groove!

A groove that gives everything that the listener was doing while stumbling upon this track; a dancing twist and emotion. Imagine yourself dancing in the bathtub, enjoying the body parts move while absorbing the wine, hovering the non exciting carpet with a smile on the face.
batht3What is its secret? What is it that gives everything a fresh load of feel good energy, while at the same time relaxes the mind as if its getting a relaxing beauty treatment? It is probably the tropical roots of this perfect groove that is the answer. The good vibe has traveled far from tropical places, through veins and blood vessels, through generations, and reassembled its unique distinctive latin elements through the hands and minds of the members of Material Action.
46859113Latin vibes with a jazz tech twist is what Material Action is serving over here, but it’s our dancing feet that consumes and loves it!

There is also a video for this track, one that covers the live action in front of the camera and has effective visual effects; giving this video the most closest encounter of seeing ‘Material Action’ with your very own eyes.

Put up the volume and watch the visuals together with the sound while taking a warm well deserved bath and the consuming of that likable bottle of wine; and welcome yourself to heaven.
bathwine3How can you get your hands on this music of Material Action?
There are some great albums out there that are free downloadable for everyone with an internet connection.
Image-FreeConsultMixed Emotion is the recommended debut album of this duo, and focuses deeply on various electronica tracks with an fine eighties feel to it.
But Also their followup ‘Another Emotion‘ is definitely worth to give a good spin!

For this particular track it is possible to download it with two other great ones in the shape of music videos,
or (if needed) as mp3 from their own bandcamp account.
Material Action is what you need, so get busy! download this stuff, fill up a bath, open that bottle of wine and enjoy! (alone or with a friend(s) )bathwine2

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