Rabbitsquirrel – Moths ate the ballast while the captain slept

artist: Rabbitsquirrel
title: Moths ate the ballast while the captain slept
format: cassette tape / digital download
keywords: experimental, ambient, atmospheric, tape, drone, noise, post-rock, soundscape

Rabbitsquirrel just released its full length album, which is really worth to be heard through the ears. I found the album difficult to discuss in a to the point way, but I hope the reader will be okay to read a review describing the content of this work in a side language of pure gibberish.

train ride rails carrying flashbacks of dreams,  mixed with reality. the railroad laughs with a dark sense of humor from station to station. At the same time a warm vast amount of deep and dark drone is keeping the passengers occupied like a shimmering spirit that died centuries ago. the air of death breaths in and out in our necks.

Another place and a more recreational way of transportation entertainment is happening at night at an abandoned formula one race track. The sound of crashed speed freaks who died in the middle of the race and kept on racing. The whole race track comes to life without actually containing real living things. It’s a strange sight, but as a soundscape its a pretty interesting listen.

The daftpunk of drone, makes an graceful appearance as a journey to it’s own inner holy grail reveals a great amount of wisdom in a warm bath of ambience. The altered vocals are a perfect match for the warm drone and give the session an unusual depth.

‘I haven’t the stomach to feed you’ feels surprisingly close to an outer body experience. The effects of two seemingly different worlds of music that meet in the middle. This experiment is successfully rewarded with the golden hums of beautiful angelic creatures.

What if spirits that hang between heaven and hell should brush their teeth before entering any of these places, how would it sound like? It might be possible that the audio content of a track described as ‘Staccato enamel and a symmetry of pressure ‘ comes probably very close.

A holy moment comes when the daftpunk of drone and crew  pops up once again to fulfill their  prophecy. Their ritualistic church like prayer are quite unknown but do a great job to open the gates of eternal drone music.

Once the portal is open, the sound of moving shadows, unknown mythological gods, wizards and nymphs of beauty fill up the corners of darkness. the sound of stained glass that vibrates along the damp motion of an church ritual from the past, can be heard when exploring the music with full attention. It’s an religious experience without being religious, but full of details of an unknown and mysterious culture.

All foundations of belief have been reduced to thin air. What is left is the emotional vibrations of drone ambient. This is nothing to be sad about as the music is warm and pretty, as if it contains a good light in an almost absent soul. A pretty realm is the result and reward for an intensive listening session. All stress is carefully removed and replaced with a certain calming piece of inner peace. In this audio world there is no more pain, no more worries as everything gets absorbed through the tones of wisdom and knowledge.

With the sound angels still flying in the sound memories of the mind, the last part of the experience has doomed up. High tones are suggesting a loss of gravity and as the sound streams suggest to flow up and down, the listeners will enjoy the pretty act of being weightless. Abandoned body’s are far away as we tumble among each other in the spiritual world of this fine and pretty unrealistic moment.

This full length album is more of an experience than a light weight source of relaxation. What started of as light entertainment will quickly suck the listener up in a world that is quite different than the music of our earthly realm. A good album to get in touch with your inner spirit and enjoy the levitation that comes along with it. Get this release on cassette or in the digital format over at the following link:

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