JOUX JOUX vs. Gerald Fiebig & Alexander Möckl – Private Transport (Angstroehre RMX)

artist: JOUX JOUX vs. Gerald Fiebig & Alexander Möckl
title: Private Transport (Angstroehre RMX)
keywords: experimental, electronic, drone, ambient
label: Attenuation Circuit

Private transportation is like being the victim of being mistakenly identified as a dead body. The coffin is sealed and as the car of death drives us within the box to its final destination, muffled organ music can be heard through the small holes of the wood. It makes the knowledge of not being dead and being tucked away in a coffin somehow enjoyable enough to not panic. In fact the soft flow of calming music has a very calming effect on the body, stretching it out as far as the confinement of space is allowing to do so. Perhaps this is the time that we finally can have a good rest, a long sleep with the the hope that nobody is going to disturb the ‘living’ dead. How closer we get to wherever the caretaker is bringing us how louder the music is becoming.  the only thing to do is keep silent throughout the private transportation and hope that nobody ever going to open the coffin and that these wonderful humbling tones of music never ever stops playing… till death!

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