Various Artists – people shit on everything and are surprised that they only see shit – weakie discs audio zine #2

artists: Various
title: people shit on everything and are surprised that they only see shit – weakie discs audio zine #2
keywords: alternative, DIY, electro-indie, indie, lo-fo, singer songwriter
label: weakie discs

Eight artist brought their full bowels to the deluxe toiletries that label Weakie Discs is rich off. These fine individuals had come over in order to protest against all the complaining shitty people in the world.
They don’t do this by complaining themselves, but actually scraping all their talents and shooting it out of their assholes shaped in perfect tracks that would shut the f*ck up the complaints.

Silke Berlinn is the one who bites this protest off and uses rolls full of toilet paper to decorate the toilet into a disco booth. The toilet seat is the perfect stage for him to slayer the person who dared to call him a ‘Disco Nazi’! The person who called him names is getting the finest scat straight up his nose, as our hero greatly accepts its new title and delivers a wicked energetic rock song that at times even hints to the good old times of punk.

La Capra had hot beans on pancakes for breakfast. It isn’t hard to imagine that he can’t wait for Silke Berlinn has left ‘the stage’ so he can fill it up with splatter poop. La Capra has brought a newspaper to read and a small time radio to make his concert even more interesting than just the gibberish talk and a snared instrument. La Capra also brought his birds to perform and a dog that could bark and do handstands.

One of our favorite underground singer songwriters is also making an appearance of this protest concert. He brings in a tale about the true redemption. He stands on the toilet seat with great confidence reading from a length roll of toilet paper this story, and the audience listens with wide open mouth and full attention

After the story it’s time for more protest music. But before the place needs to be cleaned up after all these toilet performances. Lxnnnie performs while the unlucky cleaner is shoving his hand down the toilet bowl and remove the blocking pieces of paper and shit with great care.
Lxnnnie brings the perfect song considering that the cleaner is not only unblock the toilet, but also makes everything clean and shiny. The toilet is ready for more performances as it sparkles and shines like new!

The good as new toilet facility is being greatly celebrated by an musical performance that is grande in all its curiosity. It’s ZYGOTE who clearly captivates with it’s melodic skills and unassuming sense of playfulness. T

On a serious note and with a deep throat that houses a seasoned male voice, is the minimal song performer with the name ‘Rust’. His song ‘oh death’ sounds at times a bit like ‘holy night, silence night’ but than without all the fancy Christmas parts. This is a serious ballad and air refresher would be used to spray away the smell of the holy reals of the after life.

Another artist ‘Loner Awdur’ fills up the room with a pretty song that sounds delightfully folkish. Nice playfull guitar work and lofi as trademarks. The toilet smells suddenly like rosemary and the atmosphere is graceful of contempt.

The last protest performance was done in a matter of seconds. The work of Chochos y Moscas is short, backwards and clocks in at the same time that covers the total amount of flushing time of a modern toilet. Come on over and enjoy People shit on everything and are surprised that they only see shit!

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