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Kapotte Muziek – #103: Tilburg

artist: Kapotte Muziek title: #103: Tilburg cat: Moll 011 keywords: experimental, sound art, acoustic noise label: Moll On Sunday afternoon the 23rd of September 2007 Kapotte Muziek played their very first all acoustic concert on the streets of Tilburg as part … Continue reading

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Egil the Eagle – Ulvsunda

artist: Egil the Eagle title: Ulvsunda keywords: industrial, metal, industrial metal label: Antzhill What if the members of kraftwerk indulged themselves secretly in the world of the industrial cyber goths, would’t that be awesome?Think of their robot performers dressed in … Continue reading

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Luxurious Dagger – Return to Willowbrook

artist: Luxurious Dagger title: Return to Willowbrook keywords: audio collage, experimental A particular release, filled up with four particular tracks, illustrated by particular cover photo.  It comes as no surprise that it’s the particular persona of the one and only … Continue reading

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Marvin Ferguson – Falling Down

artist: Marvin Ferguson title: Falling Down keywords: experimental, new wave, punk, audio collage I like pancakes. I think animals are better than people. I write punk, new wave and electronic music on a Korg 16 track workstation sequencer and, recently, … Continue reading

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SRVVLST – The Seven Year Inch

artist: SRVVLST title: The Seven Year Inch cat: MBR-012 keywords:  post punk, math rock reviewer: Willem van O. The drumming Will Ong supports Ryan Douglas (bass/vocals), Zack Holloway (guitar/vocals) and Aric Jones’s guitar playing skills. Together they form a band … Continue reading

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Floyd Kelly – The Doorway: A Sonic Journey (None)

Artist: Floyd Kelly Title: The Doorway: A Sonic Journey Label: None Cat#: None Keywords: Ambient, Electronic, Movies & TV Reviewer: Alex Spalding Are you ready for a sonic journey? You’d better be, because sonic journeys are always on the itinerary … Continue reading

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John Bassett – Stay Away From The Dark

artist: John Bassett title: Stay Away From The Dark keywords: prog rock, video website: label: Stereohead Records reviewer: Hobby Henny Watching music videos with the sound off is one of my few hobbies. When I received a video for … Continue reading

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Carlos Ramirez & Chris Silver T. – Artifact

artists: Carlos Ramirez & Chris Silver T. title:: Artifact keywords: experimental, ambient, space, collaboration label: Petroglyph Music artist Carlos Ramirez (electronics)  and Chris Silver T. (drums) teamed up to provide a completely new audio story. It’s like a dive into their … Continue reading

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Toxic Chicken – My Cat (None)

Artist: Toxic Chicken Title: My Cat Label: Wrieuw Records Cat#: None Keywords: Lobit, Pop, Ambient, Folktronica Reviewer: Alex Spalding What do you get when you cross a cat with a chicken? A catchken? A chickat? Some… creepy, meowing avian creature … Continue reading

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Trigal – Esperanto

artist: Trigal title: Esperanto keywords: experimental, noise, black, psychedelic, ambient, noise The latest self released output of Trigal is called ‘Esperanto’. It’s available as a digital download or as a limited tape release consisting of 99 copies! The artwork is … Continue reading

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