Maggot Therapy – Ghast

artist: Maggot Therapy
title: Ghast
keywords: noise

Welcome at the commercial buy sell space place!
I’m your host Jim, and this is my co-star Mike!

That’s right Jim! Welcome dear word viewers! What are we going to sell today, Mike?

Ah, Jim! That’s an excellent question! In the last episodes we had easy to clean potato peelers, the water spraying hairdryer, the lame wooden kitchen knife set and the self inflatable rubber boat!

That’s right Mike! And ha, who can forget about the Supersucker & fruity fruitjuicer?

I still enjoy sucking and juicing everyday, Jim! Those highlights of my hosting buy sell space place career will not be forgotten soon!
But today we have a product that is just as good as these exclusive items!

What is it Jim? Don’t hold us any longer in mystery! What’s it Jim?

Well Mike, It’s something that is easily one of the most best buy deals our program has dealt with! It’s something that is data, sound and can be stored on various electronic devices!

I’m all ears, Jim!

Well Mike, that’s excellent news as this product is made for the ears!
let me introduce you to the ‘Ghast’!

The Ghast, Jim! That sounds amazing!

Yes Jim, You hit the nail again on the head with this one! Ghast sounds indeed pretty amazing! And wait till you know how must Ghast cost!

Well Mike, please tell me more!

Well Jim for the small amount of just 7 Dollar you could be the proud owner of ‘Ghast’, an digital noise track of 10 minutes!

Wow, Mike! 10 minutes of Digital noise?!  For just 7 Dollar?! Amazing Mike!

Oh yes Jim! And you know what is even more amazing?  If you order it now the artist will give you one second extra for free!

Oh Mike that sound like an amazing deal!

Yes Jim buy it now and Download it in a high quality format of your own choice! It’s really incredible!

It certainly is Mike! Just 7 Dollars?

Yes Jim 10 minutes of noise for 7 Dollars! And one extra bonus second if you order it now!

Wow Mike! Ghast is really something special!

Oh yes Jim, you can say that agaim!

Ghast is really something special!

Yes, Jim it certainly is! The noise is easy to store, to be heard and it even vibrates the air when played loudly!

Wow Mike that’s incredible!

Yes Jim, it is indeed incredible! But let’s see what other people have to say about this product!

Hiya, I’m Anita. Yoga instructor and loving wife with 3 children. Since I used Ghast my muscles have increased in  potential and a babysitter is taking care of my children and husband, which gave me more self trust and time for myself!

Hello my name is Adam. Since Ghast came in to my life I do not have to put extra coffee in my sugar. It is saving a lot of coffee, plus the sugar taste is much better in flavor. Thanks to Ghast my life makes sense again!

I’m Cameron. I applied the sound of Ghast three times a day on top of my chin. First I had a long beard but now because of my daily doses of Ghast, My chin is smooth and hairless like a baby’s butt! Now my dogs love to kiss me more, which is really great!

Wow, Mike! All these people are so happy and content with Ghast, It’s really great to know that it does so much good for such a wide variety of humans!

Yes Jim! You know even non English speaking people have discovered Ghast!

Really Mike?

Yes Jim! Let’s take a quick look at some of them shall we?

Sawasdee Kaa! Phom pen P’Ped. Phom luk Ghast. Ghast sharp mak maak! Ghast aroi hok!

Hallo ik ben Johan en heb een  zoon en google glass. Sinds ik Ghast heb, heb ik die ook! Nu heb ik drie dingen!
En mischien wel meer! Ghast is een graag geziende gast. Geef mijn auto maar wat meer Ghast! Zonder Ghast gaat de zon voor mij niet meer op of onder.

Bonjour. J’mappel l’arnaud. Biscuits, croisants, trotour, jus d’orange, paris, excuses Moi. Ghast j’adore! Ghast l’chanson, ghast boudoir troubadour mon amour Ghast. Au revoir!

Amazing Mike! This Ghast is a world wide success! It seems like it has proven to be worth every penny!

Jim how do we order Ghast and get it in our possesion?

Well Mike, It’s really easy!
You just go straight to it’s creator!
No in between middle business, no extra hidden costs and other difficulties! Just go straight to the place where Ghast is stalled on Bandcamp and click the ‘buy now’ button, follow the instructions and that’s it!

Wow Jim! So easy? That’s just simply amazing!

Yes Mike! And remember if you buy this 10 minutes of noise now, you’ll get one second extra for free!

Yes Jim! That extra second is not to be missed!

Rightly said Mike!

Thank you Jim!

Ok, Mike! Use the mouse to go to the following link to order your Ghast!
And before you know it, you will be enjoying Ghast to the fullest!

Mike, I can’t find the link!

Ah Jim, It’s here:

Mike, this is amazing!

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