Pollux & Consistency Nature – They Fill The Ocean

artist: Pollux & Consistency Nature
title: They Fill The Ocean
label: Fork & Spoon Records http://forkandspoonrecordings.bandcamp.com/

from a distance far behind the sounds of the city emerges distinctive tones of light.  Slowly as a rising sun it shines it’s way upon infrastructures , landscapes inspiring the minds of wandering poets that mumbles self taught thoughts. The light is upon close inspection responsible for a warm mind enlarging presence of sound that comes across as the living spirit made by lovable angels. Some of them score the land in search for prohibited open minded souls, to show them visuals, feelings and aspects of life they haven’t encountered before.  Listeners of this release are the chosen ones and will be gladly kidnapped in this amazing dreamworld that the soundscape has been paved with. Humble tones are accompanied with soft arrangement and ambiance beauties. Some interference by well loved crackles of sparkling dust only seem to enlarge the suggestion of flying. This dreamflight goes up to the imaginary goddesses of dreams and rulers of the unconsciousness. It is here in this imaginary world that we meet our inner child, rattling our fondest memories while spreading our newly discovered wings from our backs through the wonderful landscape of beauty. The trip goes on and all different characters that has been in the good side of oneself appear for guidance and the share of intellect. This journey is a bright one and the satisfaction that it gathers by steering the listeners to its final and safe destination is only provoking to make this trip again as soon as possible! Wonderful dreams and great music lays ahead at the following link:

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