Dino Felipe – The Seq.’s

artist: Dino Felipe
title: The Seq.’s
keywords: classical music, modern classical, experimental, crossover

Dino Felipe shows a side you may not have known from his persona. With ‘The’seqs.’s’ he basically drenches it’s listeners in the secret adoring realm of a piano virtuoso. He plays his own takes of classical legends like the all time favorite Eric Satie and Carlos Gesualdo. He delightfully does not follow the exact musical score but adapts it to his own personal look and feel, which is like a recipe for the best of both worlds.
Dino does it respectfully and the results are like listening to personalized works that sound refreshingly new again. It’s like taking an old pair of well fitting cherished leather shoes and giving it a new coat of shiny wax!
Dino Felipe also supplies two of his own compositions which are of course totally new in its appearance to the ears, but definitely not less impressive.

It’s a fun little collection of these four tracks that can be played as background music for a hole range of possibilities. Personally I’m painting chickens while this release keeps the ambience comfortable and friendly, but the options are  endless. From relaxation-time to arts and crafts, smoking a cigarette or licking envelopes. Whatever you do in your normal day life, I’m sure there is a time and a place for Dino Felipe’s The Seq.’s…

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