Faunlet – Fauna of the heart Flora from beyond

artist: Faunlet
title: Fauna of the heart Flora from beyond
keywords: alternative, dark, shoe gaze, doom, fuzz, goth, post punk, post rock,

Faunlet is Peter on the vocals, guitar and keyboard, Mihai Molodoi on the bass and Andrei Dobos on drums. Together they produced a dark album with ‘Fauna of the heart Flora from beyond’ as the poetic title.  The artwork and the prominent stare of the band members on their own promotion picture suggest that this is music that is not to be taken lightly. The music itself is indeed coming across as very serious material that wouldn’t be out of place while wandering about at night on some local graveyard.

The album starts with ‘Bird Bones’ which convinces to setup the dark mood that will flush away all the happy thoughts you might had before tuning into this release. The dramatic mood is fairly stretched out and decreases the atmosphere into the realms of depression. The music is like listening to a day of grey sky, having no trust in friends and being completely self-sufficient on your own. The world isn’t always a happy place and moments of hate for the world and perhaps one-selves have now the perfect soundtrack created by Faunlet. The piece translates the thoughts of inner escape-ism and probably some hints to suicidal solutions.

The Poet and the whore’ is a very interesting piece that for some strange reason contains lyrics that darkened souls probably could relate to. The song is basically about a relationship where one takes up the part to be the muse (& whore) and the other one the handsome poet & a pretty good looking fucker! The addiction of these two inseparable characters are good enough to lift the mood of the album up to the finer zones of alternative acception!

The love story continues but seemingly with a different doomed chapter, as ‘A thousand and six years’ comes across as a song that covers the words of a psychopathic lover making sure his love of the world isn’t going around, but stays obsessively close, if he wants it or not.
It sounds in fact taken out of real life, and is convincing in every drum kick, every tone of bass and most notably the voice of the singer.

The Faunlet takes us even deeper in its morbid confessions. By listening to ‘Flowerz’, some listeners in the YIKIS office wanted to call Jessica Fletcher to do some research on this group of music making spirits. The song is so dramatically good that it actually convinces  that Peter (who wrote the lyrics), actually has a dead body buried in the back garden.

The longer we listen to this album, more murder cases are revealed. With ‘Coral’ the band covers a song about someone that could be deeply disturbed by an endless list of factors and possibilities. The song suggest that there might be something of interest in the basement, under the house and up the attic and that the writer would love to drown this troubled soul in the ocean.

More dark material comes when hearing ‘The boy is still missing’. The music is convincing enough that the story told in this song is not just a fantasy, but actually somewhere based on a twisted reality.

With ‘The shape of your legs’ a rainfall of dramatic tears are being triggered by the intriguing and sadness invoking guitar work, and the in your face expressive vocals. It’s really fucked up, but in the good way!

For such a heavy album, it is somehow amazing to have a fairly happy ending with its final song.
With ‘happy’ we don’t mean clowns and balloons and polka music, but more dark and drenched in a certain sadness. But within the graveyard mood there are also some bright tones stinging through. Small rays that doesn’t come across as bleak and devastating.

This album is I guess not for the faint hearted, or the easily disturbed, as it certainly showcases some very convincing lyrics that gets severely lifted up to the next level with the actual ambiance of the music. It’s an intriguing album that is actually way better than watching a documentary about a psycho killer that chops his lovers up and keeps the pieces in the fridge cause he loves them so much. This record triggers the most darkest parts of imagination, lovers and death, but in an very serious Gothic temperature.
If that sounds like something your interested in, than please don’t hesitate to get the music over here:

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