The Merricks – 3 colors black

artist: The Merricks
title: 3 colors black
keywords: experimental, dark electro, noise, psychedelic, ritual

For the discovery of the coolest shit in the world, there is absolutely no need to leave your house.
That is if you have an internet connection available, and a good pair of speakers to shoot this stuff out off. The Merricks comes with 3 colors black and they are all converted in sound! Sound that is incredible rhythmic, bombastic, electric, and very, very freaking awesome!

All three of the blacks, are providing the ritual tribal content for a electrogothic nation, to move the limbs, trip out of the skulls and go on a psychedelic rampage! This industrialic sides of black has never been captivated before in this fashion, and it just takes a pair of ears to get infected by these infectious black synthetic grooves!

This is BlaC, BlaK & BlaQ at their very best! The beats slam the cold hardened floors and vibrate the walls with an punk edge style. Freaky synthesizer works arousing the empty spaces of these three colors with great precision. Dim all the lights, get rid of all other color distribution and enjoy these fine 3 grades of black to the fullest!

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