Pollux / Rainbow Valley

artist: Pollux / Rainbow Valley
title: Pollux / Rainbow Valley
cat: LN 002
keywords: experimental, ambient, electronic
label: Limimnal Noise Tapes http://liminalnoise.blogspot.co.uk/

Pollux and Rainbow Valley are two different projects, one hailing from France and the other from Southen-On-Sea Uk. Their music, although different form, shape and content is perfectly compatible. To prove this the two music making artists have teamed up to gather their powers and created a very beautiful split. Not the one that leaves your legs muscles aching for days, but one that consists of the two producers providing a track. Pollux gives us a real emotional flow with his contributed ‘Coma’ track. Think of warm synth paths that floats in the air like the white fluff of an horse-flower.  It goes up and down through the calm stream of air and comes across as a very stress relieving experience. If this is the sound that a person would encounter while being in the state of a coma, than this experience wouldn’t actually be so bad after all..

Rainbow Valley slips in a more brighter path of music. The high tones that are being sang by clear refreshing synth pads come across as the experience of a natural wonder. As if sparkles start to glitter in the early night and the landscape opens to reveal an oases of paradise.
The more Rainbow Valley whispers it’s prettiness inside our ears, the more dense the soundscape evolves. The air is gracefully embraced by this heaven of mysterious sound, and the ears of lucky listeners will be glad to pick the special seeds from this perfectly laid out ambience experience.
The more you hear, the more refreshing the music gets. It’s like a healing that clears the heart from all the smog of the city and replaces it will the wonderful sounds of human made nature.
What a beautiful gift this is!

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