Indifferrent Spaces – IS?

artist: Indifferrent Spaces
title: IS?
format: floppy diskette / digital download
keywords: lo-fi, lobit, floppy, electro, electro-indie, experimental, electronic
label: Weakie Discs

It might be weird but somewhere in the world they celebrate the nuclear power disaster of chernobyl. Probably not with fireworks, presents and chocolate cake, but more a humble memorial anniversary to not forget the past and the lives that this terrible event in history has caused.

Personally I was very young when this thing happened, it has been stored in the foggy memory section of the brain and sometimes pops up with television images of a dutch television host trying to give nuclear infected children some kind of last vacation, followed by a camera team aiming for sympathy of viewers and high television rates.

The nuclear event itself didn’t seem to have registered in my children’s mind, but this ‘last vacation’ program did certainly plugged into my emotional senses.
Those poor kids, infected and probably going to die of rotting cancer, seeing them on some kind of camping trying to have some fun while everything is still sad and sour.

The host was also someone that I was quite obsessed with every time she appeared on television. She was pretty large and had a warm voice as if she could be the motherly figure of the television generation. She had this life style program Named after her own name with a very particular openings theme of the show. Her name was ‘Tineke’ , which could be translated in English as the number 10 and some ‘eke’ nonsense at the end.

The openings tune was basically a song that counted to ’10’ but the 10 was replaced by her name.
It was ingenious to say the least, especially when finding out that she had only 9 fingers.. Yes, I know it isn’t nice to make fun off, but as a little kid counting 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and than her name and knowing of the mysteriously lost finger was basically one of the reasons for obsession. Anyway to make a long story short, this counting host camping out with sick kids has been forever personally  linked with the word Chernobyl and of course the horrible event of the nuclear disaster.

Meanwhile as you read; the freshly Fukushima  nuclear disaster from 2011 is still leaking it’s waste into the environment of 2014. I did not see infected Japanese children go out on a televised holiday, but the shocking images of quarantine  that captured a separation of a mother and daughter has also been stored in the brain section specially cleared for the storage of disturbing things you did see, but did not really wanted to see.

Although the most disturbing thing is probably the  obvious silence of the commercial media in the coverage of the after math of this event. Just makes the imagination go on a rampage, thinking of the worst possibilities and strangest conspiracies. Is the end finally near? Shall we all go out with a piece of carton around our chest with the inscription ‘the end is nigh’?
Nah, Nuclear power and its disasters aren’t a lot of fun really. It actually fits the name of this blog. Yeah I Know It Sucks. It’s no fun and for what reason did this whole writing episode came up and dived into this direction? It is a question that can be answered with music and it’s choice of how it has been captured.
“IS?” by Indifferrent Spaces released a now sold out Floppy Disk with music on it that serves as a precursor for the concept album ‘Припять 1970″ which goes about the abandoned city of Pripyat, the place that was strongly affected of the Chernobyl disaster. As this album will be released on 26th of April 2014, the birthday of the disaster,  this diskette gives the listener something to ease the long wait.

The choice to go fully retro by using a floppy and by choosing the lofi/lobit format to capture the music in, it gives the music this extra muffled sound that perhaps could be come across as a beneficial side effect of nuclear waste and infection. Personally I do not totally agree as I’m so spooked out by the whole thought of nuclear power, that it feels weird to glue this scary thing with such a lovely comfortable warmth triggered by data loss.  But yet here it is, as described by the label that the lower encoding is feeding the illusion that radiation has melted the tracks.

The fun part is that even though the original floppy has already been sold out, the complete work is available as a digital download that also includes the hi-fi versions of these tracks. This is interesting as it is probably very personal to chose which sound the listener actually prefers to hear these works. I believe the nuclear infected ones are more pretty, but hey considering that I’m the author of all this gibberish that you are supposedly reading, than it’s probably better to hear and decide for yourself what encoding suits these tracks the best.

So what about the tracks? Well the release starts with ‘Empathia’, which contains a crunchy groove of a laid back warrior beat and dark emotional synth spacings that for sure sets the contrast of whispering thoughts to the chilled out rhythm.

‘Digital Intellect’ is giving the ears data communication at its very best. Think of freaky electric bleepy communication sounds that gets hammered into your skull with the great use of a whacked beat that is irresistible for wannabe moving limbs to dance too! Excellent stuff!

With the ‘Crystal Blisters’ Indifferrent Spaces gives use poetry on top of a fine deep base kick and snare. The side effects on the speaking voice are creating this into an epic experience that is like intelligent hip hop that is probably the master blaster on this release! Especially when the voice wishes is goodbye and the cool ending waves a middle finger up in the air of coolness!

And than when you think you have heard everything, the short lived but totally awesome Discon.nector comes in! Rocking out with beats and answering machines and phone beeps!

So after all the negativity of Nuclear disaster, the actual release is pretty fun! Get it over here:

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