Shoulders Of Giants – Caught In The Middle

artist: Shoulders Of Giants
title: Caught in the Middle
keywords: alternative, progressive, rock, alternative,
reviewer: Willem Van O.

Head and shoulders and Malcolm in the middle have nothing to do with this.
This is Caught in the middle by a band called Shoulders of Giants.
They are a group of four devoted members and operate from the city of Tillywood, the Netherlands.
Their drum kit is operated by Koen Wijnen, the bass by Thijs Tervoort, The guitars and vocals by Daniel Hemmen and Mark van Bavel. Together as ‘Shoulder of Giants’ they play a very sophisticated style of  rock. They are inspired by great rock bands from the past and present, and as if they are standing on their shoulders; do actually quite a good job saluting their hero’s.
At times they flirt with the softer parts, but the stronger outburst of raw  strategic sounding forms of energy is what comes across as their stronger points. ‘Cold Blood’ is a good example of one that stands out in it’s wilder form and approach than the other tracks on this EP.
The songs on this release might be personal lyric wise, but to be honest I felt that the vocals were deluding the great energy that could be gained by listening to the wild riffs and proper beats.
Anyway it is difficult to showcase a bands full potential in just five compact studio songs.
So it’s best to keep an eye out for Giants, and check their shoulders to hopefully not miss this band while rocking out at a live performance!

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