hiyohiyoipseniyo – Drawtorture 01

artist: hiyohiyoipseniyo
title: Drawtorture 01
keywords: surrealism, aburdism, multimedia art, video, art performance, dada-ism, glitch, experimental
label: Centipide Farmer

place an artist in the room with a vivid imagination and a all-round talent to create things on multiple media and basically things start to happen. With our crazy named artist over here (Hello hiyohiyoipseniyo!) we have experienced a diversity of fun, releasing experimental music with multiple fascinating pieces of arty illustrations, and bizarre concepts that creates a lot of questions but with it’s mysterious project as its source, most questions will stay just questions as some art simply can only be explained by its user as intended by its creator.

I’m not sure of course if that’s the case with hiyohiyoipseniyo, as it’s not in reach of my brainwaves to speak on someone else his behalf, but I feel that we are dealing with a project that melts intelligence with dada-ist absurdity that can be interpreted in a whole range of ways.

To me personally hiyohiyoipseniyo  is on a search to cover the absolute coverage of absurd surrealism. Every time my ears and eyes encounter the on the eye insane works of creativity, the more hiyohiyoipseniyo seems to get closer to his own personal holy grail, that might as well come at the cost of the artist’s own sanity. But isn’t being totally bonkers, absolutely nuts, not a form of heaven? A place of jolly good fun if the outer world isn’t disturbing
in the  the crazy trip?

The more I type, the more I’m convinced that it is not only the artist heading that way, it’s probably something that spreads like a mad cow disease to anyone that comes multiple times in touch with hiyohiyoipseniyo’s colorful output. After the paintings and the awesome sounds of absurdity the next phase hiyohiyoipseniyo  presents us, is art performance, live graphics, sound  brought together in the classy form of a Youtube  video!

It isn’t a secret that Youtube is the place to find the more eccentric artist that you normally would never have heard of. And also art performers are not a rare sight if you know names, directions, places and have lots of time at hand. But for some exclusive reason the art performance by our favorite mysterious underground artist is one that deserves words and random trumpet sounds to honor its uniqueness. I mean movies of an artist that pukes paint on canvas goes viral, but original less banal stuff stays hidden in view for the most of us.

Probably I’m chatting to long and readers already moved on to the next channel, but for the lucky few that are still here; I would like to invite you to watch hiyohiyoipseniyo’s live performance video. It contains an idea that I’ve personally never have seen, and basically done with limited sources but with great  (bloody) results!

hiyohiyoipseniyo, a man, a beamer, a computer, a graphic program, and glitchy sounds = the recipe for performing live visual torture art that simply made me so enthusiastic that it had to have all these letters and words  to be finally be posted for your own eyes and ears to see over here:

That was kind of awesome, right? This kind of thing makes me wish not to be such a bum and start some kind of stage to just book artists like hiyohiyoipseniyo (and Tonetta, Jan Terri & Material Action of course! ) . Anyway, I believe that the ‘music’ featured in the performance is coming from an exclusive cassette tape release of  hiyohiyoipseniyo, so if you would like to own something of this all round media artist that will musically blow your mind away, than you might want to check that one out at the following link:

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