Matthias Boss and Chris Silver T – Deep Love At First Sight

artists: Matthias Boss and Chris Silver T
title: Deep Love At First Sight
keywords: experimental
label: suRRism-Phonoethics

Matthias Boss and Chris Silver T have teamed up to go deep, deep down in love. They not nipple dip and than slowly enter this exclusive state, but waste no time and jump in it with a forceful affection!

The results are quite extraordinary as this deep love created some original music expressions as babies.
You can hear them in full action on this release that they have made freely available through the suRRis-Phonoethics label.

The first lively love child is one that comes across as having mixed origins. At times of playing the ‘Trance Dance’ I feel like tap-dancing, stamping the feed and waving a gigantic spanish skirt on this eccentric take of rhythmic world-music. The rolling drumming sounds like an invitation to dance while the more experimental violin goes through a wild story that mixes a gypsy mood with obscure avant-garde. It’s like a enthusiastic conversation but with music replacing the voices.

With ‘So Many Things In My Fridge’ it’s like listening to an outburst of punk under the influence of an art performance. It’s explosive how the authentic traditionally non violent violin reconstructs the same terror sound normally coming from an electric guitar. While punk tracks normally cover a few minutes, this torment of violin rape goes on forever. It must have been a traumatic experience for the classically praised instrument, but the results are pretty fanatic!

To hear the awakening of the survived violin is an act that shouldn’t be missed after all the previous violence. The strings are in tact and the music make it come across as the violin is pre cautious while slumbering the streets in search for help, or perhaps a ride to another musical event.

This love is deep, and perhaps very intensive too! If you are a peeking tom and like all aspects of this three passages of this heavy relationship than this would be totally your thing!
But also open minded gypsyavantgardepunks would feel like a fish in water while listening to this stuff.

Get this release over here:

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