Fred Daphne – Cellphone XXI

artist: Fred Daphne
title: Cellphone XXI
cat: Siro696
keywords: electro, experimental, lo-fi
label: Sirona Records

Groovy electro in a perfect lofi coat is what you can describe as cool as ice. The rhytm is in your face and controls the mood, while only the useful elements are featured in this 1989 act of heroic robot groove manifestation.

More dancing is needed when minimal but hoppy beats are inviting the feet to make wonky bouncy moves. There is no way to better experience ‘Rainy Day’ by jumping around as a rabbit on this lofi rhythm.

‘Soul of a computer’ sounds more deep and dazed as it  is taking the listener down to its inner processors through a slow base and beat.

Than we have time for ‘Today’s racing’ which contains a fine muffled episode of a  rolling breakbeat, a deep base and some playfulness on top.

With ‘You are not Brian Wilson’ the artist transforms everything in a bubbling groove that seems to come from the depth of the studio with enough rhythmic aspects to make the  listener aware that the force of lofi music can’t be denied it’s greatness! I love how the base goes ‘woo woo woo’ and the rhythm paves the way to another planet!
And when things go in reverse it actually even sounds better!

Howlin’ Ghost is a pretty sounding break from all the grooving and wooving. A melodic intermezzo that dances on a soft hiss and makes backwards music straight forward!

More delicious is ‘The Horrors Of Miami’ which resolves around a buzzing electro bass that is tightly placed together with a wicked lively played kicking beat! Really nice track that almost deserves to be heard while wearing sunglasses, just for the extra cool effect of the listening experience!

The music of ‘B Movie’ could be actually a theme track for a cult movie. It has some nice twists with its drums and brighter synthesizer melody contrasting the dubbing baseline. It’s pretty epic.

With ‘Is it awful’ the artist contradicts the title and the actual music that is behind it. It’s a moment of feel good ambiance, excellently laid out in warm tones and warm hiss.

‘SA Palms’ is the last tune on this electronic lofi album and takes us down the cinematic world of black and white movies. For some reason it feels nice to cuddle up to this sound and watch grainy pictures created by the visual parts of the brain.

This album is a fine example of electronic music that took the benefits of lofi and used it for its own good!
Get it over here:

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