Various Artists – Lobit, Lo-Fi, Low Brow – Our 8kbps Revolution

artist: Various
title: Lobit, Lo-Fi, Low Brow – Our 8kbps Revolution
cat: cc01
keywords: revolutionary lobit!
label: Counting Clouds

With a powerful little manifesto the lobit revolution starts!
If you don’t know what it means to make a Revolution, Subversive intension inserts enough individual expressions to explain it neatly in your face. Subversive Intension brings this educational session in a very classy set of burning waves that seem to enlarge and spread just like an upcoming riot. The heart of the revolution keeps on flowing and no one can change that.

Lezet, as a revolutionary artist, seems to have occupied his own bathroom in order to protest. He whistles like nobody else have whistled before and this liberating action triggers a delightful rainset that instead of following the laws of gravity, seem to be inspired and sing a song on their own!

It’s in the air, you can feel the tension brewing as the new uprising will take over the streets in their own hands. Artist  [GDMHZ80YRZO]’s track comes across as if it has captured this tension of a night that prepares for upcoming disorder. The low tones  shine through some kind of excitement, something that made me think of a rioters heartbeat when police shows up in the corners to suppress the upcoming mayhem.
It’s a night of no electricity, and for sure the sound of an experimental Saturday evening as the title suggest. Anything can happen so you’d better be on the edge and prepared.

Salvo leads his gang of revolutionaries through the streets armed with a wicked cool flow of powerful words and a all general slick and sick tune! You better be on Salvo’s side when he hit your town as his persona comes across strong willed and focussed. You can’t help it but feel charged like a full battery facing the future battlefields of respectful mayhem. This great tune is an anthem that inspires for revolutionary action!

Lost Trail ‘s Gunmerica surprisingly vaporized all distinctive hi-fi aspects and goes for the comfortable under water lobit bubble bath antics to get  the point across.  What happens is a track that feels as if we are under water, swimming in the cold deep while a soul sings and fishes whisper revolutionary ideas in both the ears.

From a depth an ice-cream van pops up, it’s Grimcrack playing its Rvltneoui 0001 contribution to this compilation. It is the part where old sound-snippets mix with a childlike innocence and of course some fine low sounding bombs to top it off.

Underground legend Sascha Muller is representing itself with a top notch dramatic 8kbps robotic  warrior dance track. The melody sounds dangerous and how the robot voice is fading and glitching in the end for sees not a bright future for circuit-bent robocops. Game over, dudes!

Bedroom Revolution by Toxic Chicken is close enough to home to reveal the actual idea behind this track. It is basically an midi file but converted to mp3 to join the forces of lobit propaganda. Creating Midi files were the first steps of this chicken in expressing thoughts in music, it started in a attic converted bedroom and all went downhill from there.

OS125 brings a work under the title of ‘March of The Los Budget OrKestra’. It’s driving the lobit fetishists  into a state of euphoria with it’s critical minimal fun that lays deep within the vaporization of it all. From the surface there is sweet noise but for who takes the time to listen more deeply into this work will be surprised to hear that there is actually marching music hidden in there. It’s like a super secret track while actually not being hidden at all!

Folk legend Vlad Shegal also makes an great appearance on this act of revolt! His Autumn Revolution is one that proofs the provable that whatever Vlad Shegal presents and no matter which format;  it’s always sounding so good! Here he delivers a powerful song in full stereo that keeps the listener silent to be able to hear the passionate sounding vocals on the warm flow of his guitar. Vlad Shegal is as always undeniable on top of its game!

Jason ‘evil’ Covelli tells it like is, Wears his heart on his mouth and spit his vibes and wisdom in your face! He carves your skin open, sets the chair you’ve been sitting on with words of fire, while he set the things straight. If you want to start a revolution than just f@cking do it!

Otis Fodder delivers a perfect lobit track to fight and destroy to! It’s called ‘Boom Boom Boom’ and is uptight, out of control but in control, weird, fun and energetic. It’s like listening to a bunch of individualistic anarchists that not all wear black but are the real thing and come together to deliver this euphoric tune. Boom Boom Boom!

Empty Streets by Der Domestizierte Mensch goes for the shimmering after affects of lurking the streets vandalized or burned out by the good old revolutionary spirits. You can hear the freedom fighters yelling excited when they topple cars, mailboxes and scare whats left of authority out of the streets. It’s relaxed demolishing times!

The project behind the label and this 8kbps revolution is appearing in style. Doomettes brings ‘ashes to ashes’ in his own distinctive doompop style. The melody has something menacing which is a good mix for the unique vocals and all-round song delivery. It’s the music you would like to hear when everything got burned down to make way for a revolutionary restart.

Revolutionaries, freedom fighters , lobit lovers, and other individuals that would appreciate a good compilation like this! Let this be a soundtrack for the brewing uprising of the people for whatever the cause is and be sure to get this compilation over at the following link:

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