Almark – Tape Head

artist: Almark
title: Tape Head
keywords: electronic, experimental, new wave, retro
label: Fwonk

Almark’s music has been featured in a recent review by my professional colleague Alex Spalding, leaving me in doubt as a non knowledgeable music lover, if I could succeed in reviewing the artist latest output that has just been  released through the Fwonk netlabel. The pressure is high, the stress is low, as writing reviews under the ‘Yeah I Know  It Sucks’ concept, mistakes and backwards grammar are all fully covered for the sake of art and freedom. Is this art? Well if Lady Gaga’s artpop is art, than yes than this is art too. Or perhaps just a fart.

The first thing that comes to mind is the use of stereo in the two tracks that this release consist off. It really tickles both the ears with delight and that’s what you want to hear when expectations are that high. Tape Head, the first drenches the laid back beat in this stereo treatment while a very nice flair of synth music swims in solidarity with the flow. It made me think of material that could hail from the Rephlex label, which  in my opinion is a good thing. It has these lush deep synth pads that waves into each other in a semi sentimental way. If I had to give Tape  Head a color, it would be ‘bathroom blue’, and if it was to be described as a fruit, I would go for a fresh and still cool mango. A blue mango would be perfect!

Than my favorite track of these two deserves words of gratification and support. The track goes for the precise sexy smoothness energized by what old school electro lovers would name ‘The perfect baseline’. It has this fine retro taste that goes excellent together with the easy going beat and accentuating warmth hailing from the emotionally played warm synth pads. This is the stuff that makes me happy, without going to mental on the craziness. It’s easy like a Sunday morning but preferably played on a chilled out Sunday evening. If I really need to give this one a color for your reference, I would say Mint Green, but one that is on the edge of baby blue.
Fruit-wise I think of chopped up apples in a cold glass of cider.
Check it out and make up your own colors and fruit comparisons over at the following link:

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1 Response to Almark – Tape Head

  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful review, this is awesome, excellent wording and description. -ATD- once it’s released is going to be very special, well special to me, retro to you! The retro and modern are both intentional (themed album.) I hope you can do the review, it will be released under Fwonk* Records as well. Mint Blue – laughs

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