ORiFiCE – Katarakt

artist: ORiFiCE
title: Katarakt
keywords: noise, experimental, electronic
label: Attenuation Circuit http://www.attenuationcircuit.de/

One release, One Artist and five steps.

Like the soundtrack for a budget cult movie, this work starts safely in a lo-fi format. When you start to believe it’s just someone playing some tones on a chinese instrument, the real purpose of this track comes in. The ears are filled with scraping noises that rinse the ears in a deaf making way. The pressure is on and the only thing reasonable to do is try to focus and find the original calmed music that hides somewhere in the far background. A nasty and crunchy stream of lo-fi noise attacks more drastically and will probably leave the listener with a slight bit of pain.

Different noises that come across as ambulance sirens, old school modems and a maniac glitching it all up together like a modern spaced out torturous Beethoven, is  what my ears are registering. Perhaps it’s something else, but as the sounds are  carving deep internal cuts in my braintissue, it’s basically not a very thrustworthy description.

Am I deaf? Or are the audio cables unplugged? A sudden sound pressure proofs me wrong as a digital balloon is squeezing the air out its non existing lungs. Noise erupts that vibrates the place up as if the sound activity of a household hover is mixed with an wonky aircraft engine, heard through cheap intercom speakers. Regarding what the actual sounds are, it will definitely leaves the ears ringing for a couple of hours.

The artist plays a short-lived set of keys on a cheap keyboard. The rest is painstakingly painful as if ORiFiCE  had  slammed a nasty looking knife in the circuits of the poor music tool and the listeners ears are treated with the screams of help of the dying instrument. I’m not sure who suffers the most, but it’s definitely able to do some good old permanent damage.

Like the previous 4 steps, the artist of the work seem to enjoy giving false hope at each beginning . With the last and final step ORiFiCE tickles softly some sounds in the ears. It’s as the artist is checking if we are still able to register sound with our ears. And when the answer is yes, simply bombard us with a menacing noise that will keep haunting the ears until the very end.
Are you in the mood to go and drown in the rabbit-hole, than this might be something to check out:

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