Orphax – Live in Venlo

artist: Orphax
title: Live in Venlo
keywords: ambient, electronic, experimental, ambient, drone, psychedelic

A vibrant tone fades in and vibrates the air like a glass flute that aims to wake unsuspected listeners up to a new realm of freshly created sound.
Softly it rises and more soft frequencies could be spotted as supportive bringers of warmth. The whole thing evolves slowly with more a warm crunchy effect that keeps the angelic undertones in tact, while the main attractive tone starts to bend itself into a more fuzzy way.

Sweet and friendly noise are flirting with light harmonics that keeps hanging softly in the background. A good comfort is created in sound comfortable enough to expand the mind in a psychedelicious way.

The state of sweet fuzz starts to calm down as it leaves more way for the supportive ambient to shine through. Warm and welcoming harmonics are like soft pillows of music that leaves the lucky listener in a comfortable bliss and relaxed mood.

Magic happens when hallucinative lucid changes are appearing in the sound, creating a warm but also drugged effect perfectly done to stimulate a good time tripping. We are captured in this moment as the artist expands this moment in a stretched magical loop that slowly opens up more pleasant harmonics to the psychedelic mood. In the end it feels as if a tone coming from an never ending accordion is the one that guides the captured ears back to the cafe where this live recording was recorded.

Hear this pretty trippy and mind stimulating mood performance with your own ears over here:

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