Toxic Chicken – My Cat (None)

Toxic Chicken - My Cat

A cat-ish object sits on a table-like thing before a keyboard-esque device in a room-type situation, painted in bright colours probably. Oh, this can only mean one of several such things! It must be we are looking at the album art for My Cat, by Toxic Chicken!

Artist: Toxic Chicken
Title: My Cat
Label: Wrieuw Records
Cat#: None
Keywords: Lobit, Pop, Ambient, Folktronica
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

What do you get when you cross a cat with a chicken? A catchken? A chickat? Some… creepy, meowing avian creature with paws and a beak that eats mice and drinks milk? Ew. Or, you might get lucky and score this album, My Cat, by Toxic Chicken! It’s definitely worth spinning the genetic roulette wheel, as anyone will attest.

I’ll be listening to the lobit versions of the music, as this is how it was intended…

… I am imagining right now that I sit comfortably on a magically perfect sofa next to the floppy. I am stroking it’s soft fur, gently caressing it’s feathery mane. It purrs and squawks with delight, preening and pecking at the crushed velvet upholstery. I put on the first track, titled ‘Gamelan’, referring to the nifty set of instruments used in Indonesian Gamelan music! The beautiful sound of Gamelan has always made me feel like I am within a massive brass music box, but when accompanied by dance, it is absolutely mesmerizing. Pure magic. Toxic Chicken’s ‘Gamelan’ sounds at first like reversified lobit loveliness! Slow, naive melodies linger in the mind like dewy memories. It is not intense like the link above, but very pleasant overall!

Next up is the piece ‘Follow Love’, in which a nice chord floats in, accompanied by the voice of the one and only Toxic Chicken! The melodies are sweet and sincerely wonderful to my ears as they float out. A tiny modulation follows… a chip masterpiece! I feel like I’m an infant, looking out into the world outside to see stars and a moon and a pastel sky all radiating love beams into me.

‘All Alone With You’ brings even more of the wonderful and amazing lobit sounds and sweet, dreamy melodies! I love these bass horn synth tones! Hold this floppy while you are all alone at night, it will treat you well with minimal care or supervision. It even knows how to flush the toilet, in case you have any rude guests you need to dispose of quickly.

The last track is great, and is called ‘If You Are My Cat I Will Be You Chicken’, taking an uptempo but no less beautiful approach to combat your loneliness! The up/down arpeggio and stereophonic vocals will get stuck in your head, then the 4/4 lobit disco rhythm comes in and you will just want to dance the night away on the floppy farm with cats and chickens, as well as cameos by other unreferenced animals. It’s a blast of good vibes, a shot in the arm of love and joy!

This… in a nutshell… is everything good about low bitrate music rolled into one small floppy release. Take this catbird home today, and live a life of love and lobit luxury right away:

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