Trigal – Esperanto

artist: Trigal
title: Esperanto
keywords: experimental, noise, black, psychedelic, ambient, noise

The latest self released output of Trigal is called ‘Esperanto’. It’s available as a digital download or as a limited tape release consisting of 99 copies! The artwork is impressive, so what does the actual content sounds like?

La dekadenko de la homo’ plays itself in the trusted arms of cult music lovers. Its minimal approach using a mysterious looping melody brings to my mind the scenes of the experimental movie director Shūji Terayama. It stays a mystery until the end, and when my brain expected to hear talking in the Japanese language, it was all translated into another language. .

Nigra Steloj has more words from the speaking speaker, although it’s just a small element, it does give the track more ground to stand on.  It kinda needs it as the flowing music feels a bit like listening to a fluffy cloud that hangs around in the evening red. Deep ambience that keeps mysterious and moving, until it makes place for another track.

Amasoj Da Glacio is the next one that loves to get absorbed in a listener’s brainwave. This track also feels strangely familiar, mixing cultures together that makes me think of opium dens, more art house cinema soundtracks, the ritual burning of the death in India. The voice appears like a ambassador of the psychedelic world while the mind keeps occupied with music that feels as if it has the same charismatics as air coming from other earthly customs.

La Fino’ is the end of this release. It makes me feel like a lonely desperado somewhere lost in the heath of a dessert with the burning sun triggering hallucinations and friends that aren’t there. Or are they? The voice returns and whispers loudly in the ears while someone else seems to throat-sing. It’s a ending that left me stranded and feeling hot and hopeless. Perhaps listen the whole thing again after eating a  cactus?
Join and get the music at the following link:

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