Carlos Ramirez & Chris Silver T. – Artifact

artists: Carlos Ramirez & Chris Silver T.
title:: Artifact
keywords: experimental, ambient, space, collaboration
label: Petroglyph Music

artist Carlos Ramirez (electronics)  and Chris Silver T. (drums) teamed up to provide a completely new audio story. It’s like a dive into their brains, so better pack some snacks for along the way!

With Andromeda the experimental collaborators created a nifty piece of thrilling audio. It is exciting to hear it come and roll in like a storm with drum-rolls, dust, crackles and the flow of a  little sound typhoon. It’s like a magnified puff of a burning cigarette that is so stretched out that it’s a lengthy stretched out track that focusses on the burning ass and the smoke forming clouds in the users longs. Did I already mentioned that it sounds nifty?

Than the couple introduces the ears of willing participants to what sounds as more close encounters. Like a dogs nose sniffing the fresh grounds and the green grass that grows on top of it, mixed with the intrusive performance of a rattling snake. If you can imagine this all inside someone spirit that haunts these grounds in some kind of vision of flight situation, than you might perhaps have a small idea how this track sounds like. In the end it’s a matter of falling, without a parachute  from a seemingly bottomless depth, closer and closer near the possible earth to probably sniff some more sweet, sweet grass of home.

With ‘nine’ placed on track position number three, anything can happen. But in this case it’s something that is like a traveling situation through someone’s adventurous mind with a love for arabic instrumentations,  market rumblings and an obvious interest in drums.

This love and interest in Drums and rhythms comes back in a grotesque scale within the next track called ‘progressive’.  It’s a very wild piece that smells of freedom with the energetic banging on the cymbals,  high hats and the rest of the drumkit. The vocal howls that spread on top of this performance come to me across as the basic instinctual sound that a drummer would make when being in its natural element. It’s like a world wide call to other drummers, something they recognize as a call from the inner drummers gut; expressing the total enjoyment  of going completely free and lose on their drumkit drumming spree!

It’s a track called ‘subsequent’ that follows in it’s footsteps of the previous one. This time the drums swing while an alien vibe that has made me think of a didgeridoo soaked and bubbling away in a bath of melting acid adds the right atmospheric elements. The rhythm is experimental warrior style and if the listener would  let themselves go, it would quite possible that their bodies start to follow the groove and move their bones in timeless time.

Than not unlike other releases, its time for the last track. Here it is a work called ‘X-civilization’ that has seemingly captures another gut expression coming from the voice. This time its an expression of utter nut-cases that smile weirdly while repeating it’s ‘owowowow’ over and over again as if we are in a looney mary-go-round situation. Softly on top there are some other vocal tones that gives more weight to balance the weirdness. And of course the accentuating drums around the edges that guide this carousel like experience safely to the very end.

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