John Bassett – Stay Away From The Dark

artist: John Bassett
title: Stay Away From The Dark
keywords: prog rock, video
label: Stereohead Records
reviewer: Hobby Henny

Watching music videos with the sound off is one of my few hobbies. When I received a video for possible review on Yeah I Know It Sucks, it was perfectly timed with my hobbie situation. With big eyes I got myself as close as possible to the screen, plugged in some heavy meatball juice in both ears to remove all audio and pressed play.

Fascinating to see a baboon dressed in a suit appear and disappear from out of nowhere! What was this magic, This image trickery? Than there was this wild looking individual waiting for the baboon to call his mobile, which he dropped to the ground as it was probably a piece of crap anyway. The rough looking character that looked as if he had done it all,  goes and pick up a garbage bag that the disappeared baboon had left behind. He takes it on its back and brings his funny walk down for a stroll along the beach, so well in color as old fashioned black and white.

Under his warm hat he let his hairs wave in the wind, while his mouth open and closes as if he is pronouncing lyrics, which he probably does but as I’m reviewing this in  my hobby time, am unable to hear. While the waves are crushing behind the character, I keep on wondering what would be inside the garbage bag that he carries so easily over his shoulder. My first thought would be a dead body, although it seems to be too light for that. Perhaps it’s a ball, towel, sandwiches and other beach things?

As the man swings his arms wrapped in his warm coat while still strolling about, the baboon appears to be looking from a bridge setting. Might this be John Bassett, the hero of this story?

The black bag carrying scene goes on and the color and black and white scenes seem to change into each-other more frequently.  The baboon plays the part of peeking tom as he seems to be keeping an eye on his binbag. Without the music it’s actually quite a long stroll that this character is taking; it’s good for the health to inhale a good fresh sea breeze.

Than suddenly my eyes are glued to the screen, as the man turns around and smashes the garbage bag against a wall. Than a frame later he throws it on a hard part of the beach floor, perfectly captured in slow motion for us drooling hobbyist viewers. What on earth is he doing?

For a couple of seconds we see seagulls in the air and than back to the man that sits somewhere safe as he watches a giant wave crush in front of him. The visual effect is spectacular although I wondered about the content of the bag.

Suddenly he walks again with the black bag still over its shoulder as if the previous smashing had never happened. He makes a move and puts the bag down, would this be the moment that our curiosity will be rewarded with some answers?My eyes are big as potato’s while the individual opens the bag up! What shall it be? What is inside the bag? Please let it be good!

It’s a special effect generating a few dusty clouds that triggers the man’s great acting skills! He falls backwards as if he has sniffed the baboons farts that he had been carrying around all the time. He falls gracefully in slow motion spotting a content smile on his face. It’s fun to faint!

The baboon’s face than appears up close, probably to check if his fartbag joke was successful. He picks up the bag and get the f@ck out of there to probably find a safe place to reveal his baboon’s butt and fill the bag up again after eating some beans or something. Whatever you do, stay away from the dark binbag!

You want to see it with the actual music? Than please put the volume up, remove meatball juice from the ears and watch the following video:

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