Luxurious Dagger – Return to Willowbrook

artist: Luxurious Dagger
title: Return to Willowbrook
keywords: audio collage, experimental

A particular release, filled up with four particular tracks, illustrated by particular cover photo.  It comes as no surprise that it’s the particular persona of the one and only Luxurious Dagger that is responsible for ‘Return to Willowbrook’.

Personally I’ve never been in conscious state visiting Willowbrook, but as Luxurious Dagger drags us in as a wild guide; getting lost isn’t quite the option.  Just to go straight to the main attraction, Luxurious Dagger brings us straight to the legendary Muffins place. A funny place that smelled of teenage spirit, high-school hilarity and clownish red faced moments of puberty. Muffins or pimples?

Than it was time to go to class as Luxury Dagger wondered ‘If numbers were not what they seem’. Luxurous Dagger brought us to the back of the class room were he and the cool dudes served up some fine spliffs from their lunch boxes and. started to jam out a real stoner moment. Oh yes, college never smelled so good!

Stoned as hell Luxurious dagger informs us with sound that we are not really in Willowbrook but just in our own spaced out head listening to muffled crackles, soft unknown voices and sweet clicks. Damn, the joints of Luxurious Dagger are so hot and steamy, just a small puff is needed to kick you out of reality!

Than things start to be even more bizarre. It’s like a weird time traveling trip that as a listener feels out of control, we softly got triggered in by Luxurious Dagger in an absurd word that closes in on our own minds and imagination. The exit is getting narrower, the light further away and it feels as if we are drowning in the engagement of someone called Myrtle Malloy. This was a particular experience that can be even extended with a bonus track that will arrive freely in your ears by downloading ‘The Return  to Willowbrook’.
Check it out over here:

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