SRVVLST – The Seven Year Inch

artist: SRVVLST
title: The Seven Year Inch
cat: MBR-012
keywords:  post punk, math rock
reviewer: Willem van O.

The drumming Will Ong supports Ryan Douglas (bass/vocals), Zack Holloway (guitar/vocals) and Aric Jones’s guitar playing skills. Together they form a band called SRVVLST, which is going to release a 7″ inch vinyl in April with the title: ‘The Seven Year Inch’, probably hinting about how long the work had been worked on before finally getting the vinyl treatment.

So what does it sounds like? They describe themselves as a post punk/math rock band which is probably the biggest hint to find out if these tracks are something up your alley or not. The band seems to enjoy playing their tunes as you can hear them giving themselves and their individual talents as they are being boldly merged together in their enthusiasm. There are some friendly guitar elements to be found within these tracks, rolling and tight drums, and fine basework that keeps their sound pleasantly friendly even though the vocalist(s) seem to prefer to shout every word than actually sing.
It all comes across more calculated than raw, although it doesn’t stop the energy that they have put in the seven year inch to pop out and do its thing!

The coolest thing is that this band itself is active in the Columbus (Ohio) DIY scene, of course with their own band, but also helping out others to set up gigs and even designing artworks for themselves and others.
The drummer even teaches drums, fixes drum kits, does drumming/mixtape sets and organizes hip hop shows.
Enough good social networking to support them by getting your hands on one of these 7 inches! . 100 pieces of them are pressed  on glow in the dark vinyl, and 200 hundred on black. (that stay black, in the night!)

The release is now up for pre-order through Small Bear Records

It’s also recommendable to visit their official bandcamp page, to give the thing a pre-spin! And also to check out ‘The Seven Year Bundle’ which includes the 7″ glow-in-the-dark record, a cassette tape, a t-shirts and a sticker! Very limited material, so don’t wait seven years if your interested!

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